These sleek figurines from the shark TOOB® are on the hunt for their next home.

There are many different types of sharks so no two are the same. Some sharks are actually picky eaters and rarely attack humans.

Get ready to learn about the predators of the ocean with sharks TOOBS® today!

These professionally sculpted and individually hand painted figurines are made to last. Whether you swim with them in the ocean or use them as an educational tool, our Toys That Teach® provide endless hours of fun and imaginative play. Explore the depths of your creativity in the deep blue sea with our sharks TOOB®!

The sharks TOOB® contains a gray shark, leopard shark, great white shark, whale shark, thresher shark, spotted eagle ray, blue shark, mako shark, tiger shark, and hammerhead shark.

Recommended Age: 3+

$17.90 SGD