$17.90 SGD

If you think today’s crocodiles are fierce, check out the ones that lived in the time of the dinosaurs with our Prehistoric Crocodiles TOOB®.

Safari Ltd® TOOBS® are collections of individually hand painted miniature replicas featuring vibrant colors, fine, professional sculpting, and accurate detail.

The Prehistoric Crocodiles TOOB® contains ten toys, including Postosuchus, Desmatosuchus, Euparkeria, Montealtosuchus, Champsosaurus, Sarcosuchus, Chasmatosaurus, Rutiodon validus, Dakosaurus, and Pristichampsus.

All of our products are lead free and thoroughly safety tested

Measurements: 2.03' x 2.03' x 12.87' ( 5.20 cm x 5.20 cm x 33.00 cm )

Recommended Age: 3+