Soar to new heights and float through the clouds with our In The Sky TOOB®. Go on adventure whizzing through the air at supersonic speeds with one of the four jets featured in this TOOB® set. You can also take a hot air balloon ride gazing at all of the beautiful nature beneath you.

The first time humans were able to go to the sky was in 1783. A hot air balloon carried two passengers in France. Technology has advanced since then and more humans have been able to take to the skies.

The opportunities for imaginative play are endless with our Toys That Teach®. Professionally sculpted and individually hand painted with vibrant colors, these figures are made to last!

Glide in the sky today with the In The Sky TOOB®!

The In the Sky TOOB® contains 12 figures, including: three propeller planes, four jets, a space shuttle, a helicopter, a hot air balloon and even a blimp.

Recommended Age: 3+

$17.90 SGD