Super Soft Slinger 12-Inch Foam Flying Disc
With its super-comfortable rim, the SUPER SOFTSLINGER™ is SO much more fun than traditional, hard-edged discs. No more banged-up fingers, bruised arms, or traumatized pets! This a smaller 12-inch diameter version for younger kids, this flying disc is more user-friendly and more fun! Gentle, springy foam edge never causes pain, making it more attractive for younger children to learn and perfect their throwing form. Completely covered in soft, durable foam fabric that’s easy on the hands, older kids and adults prefer them as well. Easier to grasp, throw and catch than old style hard-plastic discs. Safe to use indoors or out.

Comes in 3 assorted colors. Please allow us to choose for you.

Age: 3 & up
Package Dimensions: about 1" x 11.5" Diameter
$9.90 SGD