The Big Idea
It’s not rocket science – its centrifugal force! Spin your saucer fast enough to lift and transport your fuel balls from the launch pad to the Mother Ship. Finish this scientific space race first and you’ve got lift off. This hands-on game is frantic, fast-action fun for the whole family!

Shh… They’re Learning!
  • Develops hand-eye coordination
  • Enhances fine motor skills
  • Introduces the scientific concept of centrifugal force

Cut to the Chase
  • Players use centrifugal force to lift and transport fuel balls
  • Frantically-paced space race
  • Fun for the whole family

How to Play:

1. All players race to place their spinner ships over a fuel ball and spin it fast enough to lift the ball off the launch pad.
2. Players continue spinning their spinner ships to the top of the Mother Ship, then stop spinning to release the fuel ball.
3. The race continues until one player has transported all their fuel balls to the Mother Ship and yells “Blast Off” to win. 

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