Plastic pieces separate to help children learn number recognition and counting 1-5. Great for encouraging fine motor skills, healthy snacking and imaginative play. Embedded magnets (orange, apple, plum) and friction fitting (banana) make numbered pieces easy to assemble.


     • 5 fruits (apple, strawberry, orange, plum, banana)
     • Storage bowl

Bowl measures 7.75”D

Ages 2-5

Common Core State Standards Alignment: Counting & Cardinality

Learning Styles: Visual, Tactile

Skill Development:

Math- Teaches parts of a whole by slicing the fruit in segments. Each segment has the number symbol and a seed representation.

Math- Reinforce counting skills by asking students to put 3 fruits in the bowl or take 4 pieces out of the bowl; add two pieces to the bowl or take away 1 piece. Students gain practice in counting, addition, and subtraction.

Fine Motor- Students use bilateral coordination to hold and connect or peel apart the segments of fruit.



  • iParenting Media Award (2008)
  • 2008 Canadian Toy Testing Council--Highest Rating--Three Stars
  • Creative Child Magazine 2008 Preferred Choice Award

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