Slide the chickens to cover the eggs!

Can you help all the chickens cover their eggs? Chicken Shuffle JR is a unique sliding puzzle that challenges you to shuffle the chickens around until all eggs are covered. This JUNIOR version includes 48 easier challenges and 3D chickens and chicks!

  • Category: Compact Games
  • Age: 4+
  • # of Challenges: 48
  • # of Players: 1
  • Inside the box: Game board with storage compartment, 5 transparent puzzle pieces with chickens and chicks, challenge cards with 48 challenges, leaflet with solutions.
  • What the expert say: Playing Chicken Shuffle Jr stimulates the following cognitive skills:
    • Concentration
    • Flexible Thinking
    • Planning
    • Problem Solving
    • Visual Perception

How to Play

Step 1

Choose a challenge card and place it ons the game board.Step 1

Step 2

Slide the puzzle tiles around until all eggs are covered by nesting chickens.Step 2

Step 3

There are two solutions for each challenge in Starter and Expert levels; only one solution in Junior and Master levels.Step 3

$26.90 SGD