Large skull trap with Velociraptor

The voracious Velociraptor is lurking behind a large dinosaur skull. It has caught a small lizard to use as bait for larger prey. When a hungry Compsognathus comes by, it looks like the plan is working - or will the Compsognathus spot the trap at the last second?

Fun Fact

The Compsognathus was a two-legged carnivore around the size of a pheasant.

Product Dimension

11.4" (W) x 6.5" (D) x 9.1" (H)


With moveable lower jaw!

The opening angle of the skull trap can be adjusted to two different positions!

Pressing the tip of the snout causes the big skull trap to snap shut!

Can be combined with "42305 giant volcano with T-Rex".

$89.90 SGD