The snowy owl is a large species of owl. Due to their snowy habitat, they often have snow-white coloured feathers.

The snowy owl is a relatively large species of owl whose primary white colour represents an adaptation to their snowy habitat. Whereas young snowy owls are rather greyish in colour, this changes as they get older. The females exhibit dark spots and bands and older males are often completely white. Because of the scarcity of food in their habitant, snowy owls also hunt during the daytime. They mostly feed on small mammals, but occasionally they eat fish as well.

Fun Fact

Snowy owls have a thick feather coating on their feet. These are their "snow shoes" which protect them from the cold.


  • Scientific name : Bubo scandiacus
  • Global Home : Arctic and Antarctic
  • Conservation Status : Least concern
  • Primary habitat : Air
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