• Recommended Age: 4+
  • Size in cm: 12.75 L x 12.75 W x 14.5 H
  • Size in inches: 5.02 L x 5.02 W x 5.71 H
  • UPC: 0609366000879
Product Deatils:

Bad dreams come to life in the Sinister Dragon, a maleficent beast with impossibly long claws, armored scales, and a terrible temper! With bat-like wings and a tail resembling a club, this dragon is not to be trifled with.

  • Scientific Name: Draco pravus
  • Characteristics: This figure epitomizes danger. The Sinister Dragon is armored and dangerous from teeth to tail.
  • Size and Color: With a dark green base that would blend in with a dark forest, and black and gold accents, the Sinister Dragon looks the part. At 5 inches long and 5 3/4 inches tall, it appears ready to pounce.
  • The Sinister Dragon is part of the Dragons collection
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free


One of the Dark Dragons, the Sinister Dragon isn't shy about itspower. Unlike other Dark Dragons, who appear only on certain nightsor in particular conditions, the Sinister Dragon roams the worldafter sunset every night. Long ago, villagers knew that tall wallsand locked gates were their only defense. Today, bright city lightskeep the Sinister Dragon at bay. But in dark places, its powergrows, and perhaps it plots with its brethren.


The council of Dark Dragons gathered only once every 1000 years,and this gathering promised to be more interesting than any before.The Dark Dragons aren't a species, but rather a club of sorts. Theyare those dragons who seek to scare and destroy, the foes ofhumans. A Sinister Dragon would preside over this meeting. The DarkDragons first discussed all that had changed in the last 1000years. Humans had advanced tremendously, putting aside their swordsand lances for fire-spouting weapons of their own. They'd alsoabandoned wooden palisades for walls of stone and metal, and manycities had no walls at all, but were defended by exceedingly brightlights. The Sinister Dragon shared a plan, one that would raise theDark Dragons to prominence once again. It was risky, for itrequired one Dark Dragon to reveal itself willingly to humans,something that hadn't occurred in hundreds of years. But theSinister Dragon knew that humans didn't fear dragons, and it feltthe reason was they no longer believed dragons existed. So to acouncil of slithering necks, dark scales, and rattling wings, itshared a devious plan.

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