The Big Idea
Help a crazy inventor find the heads he needs to complete his robot bodies in this frantically fun feature-finding game! Shake the Robot Randomizer, then scan the board for the robot head with the matching eyes, nose, and mouth. It’s a frantic feature-finding game that’s fun for the whole family! For 2-4 players.

Shh… They’re Learning!
  • Sharpens visual discrimination – a key pre-reading skill!
  • Hones concentration
Cut to the Chase
  • All-play matching game
  • Requires no reading to play

How to Play:

1. The Robot Randomizer tells you what to look for! Shake it and watch it magically reveal the colors of the robot’s face, eyes, nose and mouth. Ready, set, SEARCH!

2. Everyone scans the board, looking for the robot head that matches the features shown on the Robot Randomizer.

3. The first lucky player to find the matching head earns a scoring token. Gather five tokens first and you win!



“Recommended by American Mensa” honor


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