Painter's Palette Wooden Magnetic Numbers
$21.90 SGD

Mudpuppy Painter's Palette wooden magnetic numbers add up to lots of fun--with a boredom quotient of 0! Each set holds 40 numbers or symbols: 3 of each number from zero through nine, 3 plus or times signs, four dashes, and three dots (so you make your own division sign!)

Practice adding and subtracting, multiplying, dividing. You can even try fractions! Decorate the refrigerator or any metal surface--each colorful piece shows swirls and textured paint for a real artistic look. The full magnetic backing will hold each number firmly in position.



# 40 1-34" tall wooden pieces per set

# Full magnetic backing

# Milk carton package measures 8-12 x 3-12 x 2-34"

# Resealable double snap package closure

# Magnetic pieces made of 80% recycled wood

# Package contains 85% recycled paper

# Printed with nontoxic inks

# ISBN 9780735327542