Orangutan Giramondo

Tour the world with Trudi Giramondo! An ideal line to teach children, in a playful way, some notions about their favourite animals. This line is made up of 8 characters, the most characteristic representatives of every continent: The Elephant and the Lion for Africa, the Tiger and the Orang-utan for Eurasia, the Koala for Oceania, the Buffalo and the Grizzly for America, the Seal as the representative of the Antarctic continent and of the Arctic region. Each representation, rich in all the details typical of Trudi’s plush toys, is faithful in the colours, shapes and proportions of the real animal, to best express and explain each animal’s characteristics. Each character is provided with its own set: a suitcase, a small identity card specific for each animal, a planisphere and fantastic peel-and-stick stickers. The suitcase, necessary to carry around your little animal friend, is made of strong cardboard and may also contain small treasures. It is covered with original graphics, a detail of the map in the colours yellow ochre and brown that recalls the ancient parchments. Inside the suitcase you will find the whole planisphere that, although stylized, contains all the main geological characteristics of the continents and on which one can stick the 8 stickers. The identity card tells all the main information on the animal: its name, where it lives, its most important characteristics, what it eats and some curiosities. The texts are written in a clear and simple way to facilitate understanding by children, but are not lacking in important details. Every identity card shows the character drawn on the map: a clue to correctly apply the sticker on the map inside the suitcase. Giramondo’s plush toys can be machine washed at temperature not exceeding 30°C (85F).


$19.90 SGD