ODDLY SATISFYING: Squish, squeeze, knead, and pull, slime is the original fidget toy. The viscosity of slime compounds makes them more relaxing and fun than toy clays and putties. They’re drippy and droopy for slippery sliding fun. You can use it as a toy or even as a satisfying fidgeter or stress reliever. Slime is the best all around compound.
BE BRIGHT AND BOLD: You’ll never lose this slime compound with its bright neon colors. Available in green, yellow, pink, or blue, the neon truly makes this slime look like an icky radioactive substance for fun tricks and pretend play. Plus it’s just a simple fact that the brighter the slime, the more fun it is during playtime.
READY MADE, READY FOR PLAY: You don’t need glue, soap, any chemicals, or compounds to have your own slime fun! These compounds come ready made and ready for play right out of the container so you can eliminate the mess and waste of letting your kids make their own experimental slime creations. This compound is neat, clean, safe, and ready for fun.

$7.90 SGD