"Travel Around Our World Magnetic Map Puzzles Book" is an interactive magnetic book, which enables children to learn capitals, flags, places of attractions along with continents, oceans, and rivers. Simple match the correct magnets onto "Our World" map.

It is reported that "children who like the map will fall in love with this world." Travel Around Our World takes you around the world and makes you fall in love with the world!! You can know the location and name of different countries, including national costumes, capitals, population, national flags, world monuments, and monuments of different countries. Famous buildings and landmarks and unique animals. It helps children to establish a clear geographical concept and understand the characteristics of the world! Beautifully designed, beautiful in composition and rich in color, it is very suitable for friends of different ages!! Come and see this wide world, let's travel together!!

Contents Include :

  • 80 pieces magnets
  • 1 piece magnetic books 60 x 39cm
  • 1 information sheet

    Enjoy and have fun!

$29.90 SGD