Are your kids struggling with a fraction?

This magnetic book can be a great tool for you!

Showing fraction visually using pizza can help children understand the concept of equal parts more quickly

There are eight pages with four learning topics:

  • Visualize Fraction
  • Fraction addition/subtraction
  • Fraction to percentage to decimal
  • Fraction comparison

This lovely magnetic fraction book makes it easier for children to understand the principle of fractions! Through the small game of sharing pizza, the book helps children learn the structure and foundation of parts, learn the concept and calculation of fractions, including addition and subtraction, compare the size of the fractions and how to convert the “fraction”, “percent” and “decimal” to each other. They learn factions step by step, enhance their interest in learning, and this is a magnetic book that can be reused to deepen learning and memory.

Contents Include :

  • 1 piece magnetic book
    (28 x 24.5cm closed) (57 x 24.5cm opened)
  • 124 pieces magnets
    (including pizza puzzles, fraction, decimal and percentage)
  • 1 piece marker pen

Let's learn Fraction in a fun way!

$29.90 SGD