All About Farm magnetic book allows children to learn the vocabularies of different farm essentials, animals and food that grow in the farm.

The colorful design of the farm can make children more eager to learn and play.

The size of the book is design for easy storage and good to bring with you when you are going outdoor with your kids.

It is definitely a good choice of an educational toy for children!

My daily food is made by the farmer's hard work and cultivated! All About Farm Magnet Book brings children into colorful farms, learns about different farm utensils, learns English words for animals and food, Through the lovely farm scene in the book, children are more engaged and easy to learn English! The magnet book is detailed, easy to collect, and can be taken out of the street. Daddy Mammy can play with children, increase the ability to speak and express, is absolutely the first choice for smart parents to buy teaching toys!

Contents Include :

  • 48 pieces magnets
  • 1 piece magnetic book27 x20cm

Enjoy and have fun!

$15.90 SGD