All About Body magnetic book allows children to learn the vocabularies of body parts and costumes.

There are twelve sets of costumes for children to dress up Jessica and Jacob for different occasions.

The size of the book is design for easy storage and good to bring with you when you are going outdoor with your kids.

This magnetic book can encourage kids to learn English in a fun way!

All About Body The magnet book is different from other learning English characters and teaching toys. You can learn to bury different clothes and English words, and use one book! There are 12 sets of shirts in the magnet book, and the game of the bells is like a kid, and the fast D helps Jessica and Jacob shirts to attend the same occasion! The magnet book is detailed, easy to collect, and can be taken out of the street. Daddy Mammy can play with children, increase the ability to speak, children have fun, learn more easily, and learn English easily!

Contents Include :

  • 67 pieces magnets
  • 1 piece magnetic book27 x20cm

Enjoy and have fun!

$19.90 SGD