Works best with Bubber/Moon Sand/Kinetic Sand

Mini Castle Moulds from WabaFun allow you to create mini detailed castle or any other structure or model out of your favorite sand, dough or molding compound, and make the perfect accessory to our Bubber , Moon Sand and Kinetic Sand.  Use the special push molds to make perfectly smooth round and square towers. Top them off with cones or spiral staircases, fortify the kingdom with the wall molds, and then create all kinds of amazing details with the carving knife.

The set includes 8 plastic pieces:

  1. 1 x sculpting knives
  2. 1 x square mold
  3. 1 x cyclindermold
  4. 1 x square extruder
  5. 1 x round extruder
  6. 1 x stair maker
  7. 1 x stone wall maker
  8. 1 x cone tower maker
$12.90 SGD