Shopping or selling? A scale, cash register, scanner, money, and credit cards make playing
store fun no matter which side of the counter you're on. Imagination & Creativity: Encourages imitative and imaginary play; promotes fantasy story telling, role playing, and creativity.
Social Skills: The basics of communication, cooperation, and collaboration; encourages trust, friendship, and language development
Problem Solving: Introduces logic, matching, spatial relationships, critical thinking, and an understanding of cause and effect.

By Age: 3+ Years


Item Number E3120
Category Playfully Delicious
EAN code 6943478004450
Product size L: 74.9, W: 38.1, H: 119.9cm
Package size L 73.9, W 16.5, H 36.1cm
Main Materials Wood, Water based paint, Fabric
$149.00 SGD