Learning Process

  • Senses: The fundamental senses of seeing, tasting, hearing, smelling & feeling encourage a child's curiosity.
  • Fine motor: Fine motor skills are those smaller actions between the thumb and fingers or using the toes to wriggle and feel the objects.
  • Gross motor: Gross motor skills are larger movements involving the arm, leg, or feet muscles or the entire body.
  • Logic: Logical training enables babies to make connections between pieces of information.
  • Creativity: Colors, shapes, learning how to draw, getting familiar with music and rhythm, all goes to aid the growth of a child's creativity.
  • Linguistic: Linguistic Intelligence is the ability to use sound and language for expression and comprehension of others while a child is developing.
  • Emotion: A healthy child should be able to control and express his emotion, and interact effectively with others with mutual trust.
  • Communication Skills: Good communication skills lead a child to perform cooperative tasks and become productive team members.
  • Self-Esteem: Self-Esteem is an overall sense of achievement a child feels from the important people around him. Task basis activities could help children to build up a stronger self-esteem with a better judgment about their own worth.

Product Size

  • Elephant: 4cm(W) x 8.5cm(H) x 9cm(D)
  • Mat: 37cm(W) x 50cm(H)

Objective: Fine motor skills training - squeezing

Method: Encourage children to squeeze the shower head so that water squirts out.

Objective: Gross motor skills training - twisting

Method: Encourage children to twist Wayne and Julia’s heads.

Objective: Cognitive training - learning the concepts of warmth and coldness

Method: When the dolls are dry, the “stains” will show. But when placed in warm water ( 32-35°C ), the “stains” disappear. Use the dolls to teach kids the concepts of warmth and coldness.

Objective: Fine motor skills training - squeezing dolls

Method: Allow kids to fill the dolls with water. Squeeze their bodies and water will squirt out. The dolls can be used as water guns.

Objective: Self care skills - bathing

Method: Encourage children to clean Wayne and Julia by squirting them with warm water. The “stains” disappear when they come in contact with warm water - so Wayne and Julia become “clean”. Children learn to bathe themselves while cleaning the dolls.

Objective: Cognitive training - learning the concepts of boy and girl

Method: Use the dolls to teach children different genders.

Objective: Self care skills - tidying up by themselves

Method: The mesh bag can be hung on the bathroom wall with the two suction cups. Encourage children to place Wayne and Julia back into the mesh bag, and to hang the shower head onto the ring after playing.

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