Husky Puppy

With thick and coarse hair, these canines can be seen in hues of brown and black. Throughout history, Huskies have been recognized over and over again, reaching more and more popularity, especially as an Arctic breed. From sled dogs to search and rescue teams, Huskies now make great pets. Keeping in mind their nature, Huskies have been described as fun-loving, alert, adventurous, stubborn, independent, clever, obstinate, and even mischievous. Passionate about running and pulling, these canines need sufficient exercise but enjoy human companionship as well.

Fun Fact

Huskies can have one brown eye and one blue eye.

Product Dimension

Product Size: 4.9cm(L) x 1.2cm(W) x 3.5cm(H)

    $6.90 SGD