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Grumpy Dragons were not always a separate species—they were once kin to Forest Dragons. But time, luck, and fate drew them apart, leaving Grumpy Dragons rather upset at their lot.


The magic of dragons is powerful, but it can be a double-edged sword. Long ago, many dragons received the gift of Dragon Fire from the Sun Dragon. Other dragons were taught to fly by the Thunder Dragon. Once a member of the Forest Dragon family, the Grumpy Dragon desired neither of these gifts, preferring to remain in the woods rather than attend the great Dragon Councils of old.

As a result, while other dragons gained skill and power, the Grumpy Dragon remained as it always was. Over the years, the species became grumpier and grumpier as the distance between them and other dragons grew.

Grumpy Dragons aren’t mean or unfriendly—just grumpy. Upon discovering one in a forest, a medieval knight felt not fear, but pity. One such story tells of a knight wandering in a thick wood in northern France after a defeat. He came upon a Grumpy Dragon; then spent the evening listening to its tales of woe. The following morning, the brave knight felt far better about his own troubles!

Recommended Age: 4+