Award Winner

A visual strategy game that's fun for the whole family!

This game can be played by adults and younger children too. There’s no reading involved so it’s a great game for kids who don’t yet read. We’ve watched a 14-year-old get clobbered by an 8-year old and we’ve played with families where preschoolers team up with parents. This game was developed by the creator of the multiple award-winning game Qwirkle ™ - if you love Qwirkle ™, you’ll love Fish Stix!


  • A+ Award 2011
  • Parent's Choice 2009 Gold Award
  • Dr. Toy 10 Best Games of 2009
  • Dr. Toy 100 Best Products of 2009
  • Ages 5+
  • 2-4 players
  • Plays in 20-30 minutes
  • No reading required
  • 72 fish sticks
  • 4 scoreboards
  • 24 fish tokens
  • Instructions
  • Box measures 7" x 11" x 1 1/4"
Learning Skills:
  • Visual and spatial reasoning
  • Strategy
How to Play:
Fish Stix is a visual strategy game. To start, players place 1 fish stick in the center of a table where all players can reach it. Give each player 3 sticks, 1 scoreboard, and 6 fish tokens. Players take turns matching fish by color and direction. For every fish matched, a player moves her fish token that number of spaces on her scoreboard. The first player to move all tokens to 10 wins! Be careful – the direction each fish is swimming can be confusing.

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