Classic Puzzle Fun Becomes An Adventure In Pixelated Creativity! Each Set Comes With 1500 Vibrant, Precision-Cut Micro Jigsaw Pieces. Follow The Templates To Transform The Tiny Pixel Puzzle Pieces Into Either Four Mini Designs Or One Giant Design. Create A Dolphin, A Starfish, A Sea Turtle, And A Submarine, Or A Giant Tropical Fish With The Under The Sea Set. Build A Rocket Ship, A Little Blue Bird, An Airplane, And A Hot Air Balloon, Or A Giant Macaw With The Up In The Air Set. Or - Why Not Get Creative And Invent Your Own Designs? - Or! - Why Not Collect Them All, Combine Them, And Build Something Ginormous? All Jixelz Hold Together Strong - No Ironing Needed! - And They Fit Together Easily Without Any Frustration. Let Your Big Ideas Shine Bright With The Jixelz 1500 Pc Sets!

Jixelz 1500 Pc Set

  • Sets Of 1500 Colorful Jigsaw-Shaped Building Pieces For Making Colorful Designs
  • Encourages Fine Motor Skills, Spatial Reasoning, Creativity, Planning
  • A Fascinatingly Fun And Simple Adventure In Creativity
  • 2 Sets To Choose From - Up In The Air Or Under The Sea
  • Sets Each Include 1500 Jixel Pieces
  • Sets Include Instructions For Building 4 Mini Designs Or One Giant Design
  • Jixelz Hold Together Strong - No Ironing Needed!
  • High-Quality Materials - Exceptional Crafting Experience


  • Item #: Fa200-2
  • Upc:811802024084
  • Country Of Origin:China
  • Item Weight:0.75 Lbs.
  • Item Dimensions:9.50" X 6.50" X 1.75"
  • Case Weight:4.40 Lbs.
  • Case Dimensions:10.12" X 7.40" X 7.48"

$36.90 SGD