Put your best-laid plans into motion with this brain-boosting, make-you-think, topsy-turvy maze game! Build a maze with curvy, colorful pieces by following the designs pictured on the Activity Cards. Then, push hand-eye coordination to the limit as you map a path through the maze, tilting the board and guiding the ball around the obstacles and into the goal. It-s a one-of-a-kind challenge that revs up engineering and critical thinking skills. Endless combinations of designs provide multiple levels of play. Includes maze board and base, 17 maze pieces, 4 balls (2 red, 2 blue), and 10 Activity Cards. Board measures 10 3/4" in diameter. For 1-4 players.Grades K+ | Ages 5+.

Kids create mazes with colorful, curvy pieces by replicating the ones from the activity cards! Then, little maze masters hone hand-eye coordination, critical thinking, visual processing, and coordinated movement skills as they navigate the maze and guide the ball. The large black base provides visual contrast against the pieces and allows ample room for successful placement of pieces. Incorporate multiple players for cooperative play and shared problem solving practice!

The Learning Resources Create A Maze Game Features:

  • 2-Piece maze board measuring 10" L x 2" H
  • 1 Rounded base
  • 17 Repositionable plastic maze pieces to create endless mazes
  • 4 Balls (2 red, 2 blue)
  • 10 Activity Cards
$61.90 SGD