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If you like cats then you’ll love our range of cat fact flash cards that will teach you interesting information about these feline creatures. Learn about the different types of cats, their unique behaviour, how long they sleep and so much more.
The Cats set has the following ten encyclopaedic cards:
5.Maine Coon
6.Scottish Fold
9.American Bobtail
10.Russian Blue
Each card has an illustration or picture on the front and encyclopaedic facts about it on the back.


What are Quantum Cards?

A learning tool for children of ages 0 to 8 years as a means of early brain development and knowledge enhancement. They are large format encyclopedic cards, available in a multitude of topics.

  • A set of 10 flash cards (11" x 11")
  • Hand illustrated images on the front
  • Encyclopedic facts on the back