Start stacking early counting skills with a breakfast favorite fresh out of the skillet! Pancakes are numbered 1—5. Place them one at a time into the skillet using the handy spatula. A fun way to learn numbers and develop fine motor skills!

• 5 Pancakes
• 1 Pan
• 1 Spatula

Pancakes measure 3’’ in diameter

Grades: Toddler+

Suggested Learning Activities:

Number recognition and fine motor: Ask your child to stack the pancakes, beginning with number 1, in the pan, using the spatula. Count and name each number as the pancakes are stacked. Then, go in reverse order, counting backward from 5 to remove the pancakes.

Number recognition and fine motor: Flip the pancakes over so the number is not showing. Have your child flip the pancakes over with the spatula, one by one, and place the pancakes in numerical order (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

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