Learn about air vehicles including airplanes, helicopters and hot air balloons! Check out our fun and comprehensive vehicle flash cards for children featuring a wide range of interesting air vehicles related trivia and information. Read about different types of planes, how helicopters work, what fighter planes are used for, how fast rockets can move and what keeps hot air balloons in the air!

The Air Vehicles set has the following ten encyclopedic cards:

1.Montgolfier Brothers’ Balloon
2.Giffard Dirigible
3.Ader Éole
4.Lilienthal’s Glider
5.Wright Flyer I
6.Focke-Wulf Fw 61
7.North American X-15
9.Antonov AN-225
10.Boeing 747

Each card has an illustration or picture on the front and encyclopedic facts about it on the back.


What are Quantum Cards?

A learning tool for children of ages 0 to 8 years as a means of early brain development and knowledge enhancement. They are large format encyclopedic cards, available in a multitude of topics.

  • A set of 10 flash cards (11" x 11")
  • Hand illustrated images on the front
  • Encyclopedic facts on the back
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