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  1. AR Technology - Introducing advanced technology in education, creating a good mix of digital information and tangible reality.
  2. Rich Knowledge - Up to 10 categories of contents, inspiring children's curiosity and passion for science.
  3. Realistic 3D Scenes - High definition 3D scenes help children learn about structures in great details.
  4. Multiple Gesture Interaction - Touch, drag, zoom and rotate. Allows children to discover the world in a more natural manner.
  5. STEAM & Edutainment - Bring knowledge closer. Edutainment makes learning easy as you play.


  • Built-in LED light
  • App with eyesight protection mode


  • Animals & Plants - Collection of animals and plants with 3D animations
  • World Attractions - Realistic 3D scenes of famous attractions
  • World Countries - Various introduction to all countries in the world
  • Weather Phenomena - Various phenomena created by the great nature
  • Continents & Oceans - Knowledge of 7 continents and 4 oceans
  • Solar System - Discover the sun and the 8 planets
  • Worldwide Weather Forecast - Realtime weather forecast all over the world
  • Aerospace Technology - Inspire interests about aerospace
  • Earth-Moon System - Day & night alteration, solar & lunar eclipse
  • Constellations - Star map of 88 constellations and their stories
Product Information
Surface Material
Sphere Material
Base Material
Item Size
φ=9 ” inch     H= 12” inch
Item Weight
Package Size 24X24X33 cm
Package Weight 1.75 kg


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