$34.90 SGD

A dream vehicle with police design? Now available from SIKU! An exceptional sports car trio. No criminals stand a chance here! The Italian police’s Lamborghini Gallardo is just as fast on the road as the current blue and silver Audi R8 with police design and Porsche Panamera Turbo with eye-catching lacquer work of the Australian police service.Package size (mm)57x170x100


$24.90 SGD

Classic international local trains combined in one set. The public service bus and local train are impressive in trendy colours, while the American style school bus features its classic yellow that every child recognizes. While the buses have authentic wheels and rubber track tyres, the train runs on authentic narrow gauge wheels. Weight: 0.3 kg Product Dimensions (in cm): 28.5x11x5...


$29.90 SGD

Three ultra popular superb sports cars combined in one set. With over 2,000 HP, like the original version, these are the speed champions in the kids’ playroom! With realistic opening doors, the Porsche Carrera GT, Bugatti Veyron and Mercedes-Benz SLS – echoing the traditional and famous winged-doors – invite you to cruise or race anytime!Package size (mm)57x170x100

Siku 4 Wheel Loader Liebherr R580

$39.90 SGD

The latest series of the chunky Liebherr four wheel loader is now also available to 1:50 scale as a SIKU model. The detailed and extremely robust modelling will inspire kids and collectors. Details such as rotating rear axle, the folding arm situated in the middle and detailed mechanics of the loading arm underline the high quality of this model along...

Siku Alfa Romeo 4C

$6.90 SGD

The exclusive sports car brand from Fiat introduces the Alfa Romeo 4C - a sports model with all the hallmarks of this traditional brand, racy design and supreme drive performance. The elegant and sensual body line in die-cast metal and opening designer doors, plus visible sporty design of the cockpit, and central engine beneath glass show off the unmistakeable flair...

Siku Apollo IE

$6.90 SGD

Apollo IE: This stands for Intenza Emozione. When starting, a V12 suction engine with 730 HP creates a lot of vibrations and accelerates the Apollo IE up to 334 km/h. The matt black car seems to come from another star: sharply designed contours, a huge rear spoiler spanned by a large fin. Also in the miniature, the wide-opening swing doors...

Siku Articulated Bus

$39.90 SGD

Very detailed articulated bus model to original design of MAN Lions City to 1:50 scale. Wheels with rubber track. 3 axles, second and third axle with twin tyres. Right-hand doors open. Engine hood opens at rear. Tinted windows. Separate rear mirror and integrated radiator grill. Plastic front and rear lights. Roof canopy with air-conditioning.Product Dimension365mm (W) x 59mm(D) x 60mm(H)...

Siku Audi Q5

$6.90 SGD

The new Audi Q5 emphasises its leadership in the sophisticated medium-sized SUV class with extravagant Quattro drive and high-quality production. SIKU does justice to the premium character of the SUV with high-quality metal chassis, sport rims with traction tyres, a sporty undercarriage with lots of ground clearance and elegant doors that open. This SUV with four rings is also an...

Siku Audi R8 Spyder

$6.90 SGD

The cabrio version of the Audi R8 super sports car. Extra wide tyres on sport wheel rims. Die-cast metal body. Headlights at the front and rear are made of plastic.Product Dimension81mm (W) x 35mm(D) x 23mm(H)

Siku Audi TT

$6.90 SGD

Siku models are built tough and made to last. Realistic enough to please a child while playing as well as the avid collector, all Siku models are made of quality die-cast metal with PVC-free plastic parts.Today's toys for tomorrow's drivers, the range of SIKU toy models is as fascinating and varied as the real world of vehicles. For generations SIKU...

Siku Bentley Continental GT V8

$6.90 SGD

Gentle lines characterise the metal bodywork of this powerpack with its generous V8 engine. The solid yet reserved appearance goes into the background as soon as the more than 500 HP are released. The GT V8, finished in unusual Bentley Magenta, will quickly challenge the sports car fleet in the playroom. Sporting rims and opening doors underline the high quality...

Siku Bentley GT V8 Convertible

$6.90 SGD

There was always something special about driving a Bentley. This one is really special: yellow, open, and 520 HP when needed. When the sun is shining, the completely lowered roof of the convertible is an invitation to a relaxed cruise. The engine is almost inaudible, but kick down and the Continental changes from a luxury liner to a sports car...

Siku Bergmann Dumper

$6.90 SGD

An exceptional tipper for the building site. The Bergmann Dumper masters any gradient and any uneven terrain with bravado. The model, equipped with a working tipper, is a winner thanks to its high-quality metal and plastic parts.Product Dimension82mm (W) x 35mm(D) x 55mm(H)

Siku Black & Orange Special Edition

$19.90 SGD

Features CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts Metal + Plastic Parts Specificaton Age: 3yr+ Product Size: 15.5 cm x 8.5 cm x 5.5 cm

Siku BMW 520I Touring

$6.90 SGD

The BMW 520i Touring is a winner because of its dynamic appearance and its versatile range of uses, thanks to the trailer coupling which is supplied as standard. The door of the BMW can be opened, and the rims finished in sporting black create a contrast with the silver metal bodywork.Product Dimension85mm (W) x 36mm(D) x 25mm(H)