Happy Buckets Set

$21.90 SGD

Age: 12+ Months Three colourful buckets featuring water drainage providing fun interactions. Perfect for water play! Fill up the buckets with water, bubbles or carry your bath time friends around in the pails. Product size L: 24, W: 10, H: 24cm  

Pop Up Teddy Shower Buddy

$21.90 SGD

Age: 12+ Months Pop-Up Teddy is the perfect shower buddy for your little one, with cute engaging design and durable finishes. Try playing hide and seek in the bath with your favourite teddy bear! Product size L: 16, W: 9.5, H: 16cm  

Rainy Day Catching Set

$29.90 SGD

Age: 12+ Months An entertaining and delightfully colourful bath set. Featuring a fun umbrella theme, drain water through the holes, catch the balls, and store when done! Try placing the umbrella at one end of the bath and tossing the balls into it to score points. Product size L: 25, W: 25, H: 26cm  

Swimmer Teddy Wind Up Toy

$19.90 SGD

Age: 12+ Months Wind up this little swimming teddy and watch it go round and round again. Entertaining for little ones. Try racing this little swimming teddy around in the bath and see who can reach the finish line first! Product size L: 10, W: 9.8, H: 16.8cm  

Teddy And Friends Bath Squirts

$19.90 SGD

Age: 0+ Months These little bath squirt friends are ready to soak up the bubbles and fun in the tub. Try seeing which of the animals can squirt the farthest, or set different targets! Product size L: 24, W: 24, H: 7.5cm  

Teddy's Umbrella Stackers

$26.90 SGD

Age: 12+ Months These colourful umbrellas stack on top of a teddy bear base, perfect for playtime and learning in the tub. Try to balance as many colourful umbrellas on top of each other as you can. Product size L: 26, W: 10, H: 10cm