Vtech Alphabet Learning Bus

$69.90 SGD

The interactive Count & Learn Alphabet Bus™ by VTech® will take your child on a fun learning adventure. Kids can place each of the twenty-six letter blocks and ten number blocks into the yellow school bus and hear the bus respond with letters, phonics, numbers and colors. You can even personalize this friendly alphabet bus to recognize your child's age...


Vtech Fly N Learn Globe

$79.90 SGD $49.90 SGD

Pilot your own voyage of world discovery with the Vtech Fly & Learn Globe. With five discovery modes that encourage real exploration, young adventurers quickly learn about continents, foreign languages, music, and world wonders. Learn Spanish from a friend in Mexico. Fly over Machu Picchu or the rainforests in South America. As the globe spins beneath the puttering plane, a...

Vtech Light N Flight Discover Globe

$89.90 SGD

Brightly coloured, light up globe features 37 touch sensitive hotspots. Fly the aeroplane to discover famous places, countries, peoples and more. Explore and discover the world with this brightly coloured, light up, interactive globe featuring 37 easy to use, touch sensitive hotspots. Fly the interactive aeroplane to discover all about famous places, countries, peoples of the world, animals, continents, oceans,...