Castle Escape

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Age: 4+ Years Escape from the castle's rotary tower with this exciting Quadrilla set featuring two transparent stairways. As the marbles make their way down the rail they sound three hanging bells. Pieces 102 Package size L: 52.5, W: 36, H: 8.2cm Product size L: 63, W: 26, H: 58cm



$99.90 SGD $69.00 SGD

Age: 4+ Years Get closer to the Quadrilla action with three gutters that make your marbles race around the outside of the colored blocks on their way to the bottom. Looks cool and extends run-time. Pieces 94 Package size L: 45, W: 36, H: 8cm Product size L: 48, W: 17, H: 51cm


Hape 30th Anniversary - Blocks

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Age: 12+ Months 30th ANNIVERSARY LIMITED EDITION. For this set of blocks, Hape is donating a toy to a child in need in Afghanistan, Syria, Nepal, China, Zimbabwe 30 pieces Saftey & Quality Control Sharp Point Test Bite Force Test Tensile Test Small Parts Test Chemical Test Drop Test How to clean Clean with a damp cloth. Do not wash....

Hape Count 'n' Build Block Set, 20 pcs

$12.90 SGD

Twenty pieces of beech blocks stack up for funny building structure as well as building words.Product Features Age: 12+ Months Category: Toddler Toys Pieces: 20 UPC: 6943478020016 Package size: L: 6.49, W: 7.08, H: 1.96 inch Saftey & Quality Control Sharp Point Test Bite Force Test Tensile Test Small Parts Test Chemical Test Drop Test How to clean Clean with...


Hape Count and Spell Blocks, 80 pcs

$59.90 SGD $39.00 SGD

Forty beautifully colored beech wood blocks will last from your child's first tower through first grade and beyond. Numbers from 0 to 9 on each cube create endless ways to play, build, and learn. Made of sustainable wood and water-based paints.Product Features Age: 3+ Years Category: Toddler Toys Pieces: 80 UPC: 426042945079 Package size: L: 8.85, W: 5.11, H: 7.08...

Hape Fantasia Blocks Castle

$39.90 SGD

Uniquely shaped blocks with enchanting patterns inspire building in a whole new way.Product Features Age: 24+ Months Category: Toddler Toys Main Materials: Wood, Water based paint, PC Pieces: 26 UPC: 6943478002654 Product size: L: 16.54, W: 2.36, H: 7.09 inch Product weight: 0.39 lbs Saftey & Quality Control Sharp Point Test Bite Force Test Tensile Test Small Parts Test Chemical...

Hape Fix-It Tool Box

$29.90 SGD

Nuts, bolts, and all the tools little builders need to tinker, are conveniently packed in this ready-for-action case.Product Features Features a 14-piece tool box kit Helps develop engineering and building skills Empowers kids to imagine and create Physical Skills: Pound and build your imagination into reality Motor Skills: Helps develop fine motor skills Age: 3+ Years Category: Preschool Role Play...


Hape Race to the Finish

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Get started building your own marble runs with this Quadrilla beginner's set. Drop two marbles into the top and watch as they race down different paths to the bottom. STEMProduct Features Age: 4+ Years Category: Quadrilla Pieces: 58 UPC: 6943478021099 Product size: L: 13.78, W: 14.17, H: 3.15 inch Package size: L: 21.26, W: 7.87, H: 12.99 inch Saftey &...


Hape Robot Factory Domino

$69.90 SGD $49.00 SGD

Use stored potential energy to catapult a wooden ball into the air with this exciting robot-themed domino set! A tipper car, crazy ball track, tipper arm and series of ramps form an exciting robot production line that you can build again and again. STEMProduct Features Age: 4+ Years Category: Games Pieces: 122 UPC: 6943478023611 Package size: L: 18.11, W: 14.17,...

Hape Viking Castle

$139.90 SGD

Step into the world of Viking warriors, powerful wizards and dungeons with this awesome multi-level castle. Comes with two warriors, a dragon, a magic cauldron and much more!Product Features Age: 3+ Years Category: Preschool Role Play Pieces: 17 UPC: 6943478021624 Product size: L: 34.25, W: 9.84, H: 20.87 inch Package size: L: 21.65, W: 5.12, H: 18.9 inch Saftey &...



$199.90 SGD $139.00 SGD

Experience the stellar power of a Quadrilla deep space marble run! Launch your marbles through cosmic boosts and glow-in-the-dark loops to see which is the speediest space traveler. Draw how you want to build your marble run and then build it according to your plans. By Age: 6+ Years Specifications Item Number E6017 Category Quadrilla Marble Runs Main Materials Rubber...



$199.90 SGD $119.00 SGD

Create endless Hape Quadrilla marble runs with this challenging set of straight and curved rails, high-velocity funnels, a seesaw, accelerators, blocks, levelers, bases and 50 marbles.  Package Dimensions 73 x 13.8 x 34 cm Package Weight 5.75kg


$199.90 SGD

Xcellerator combines speed and spin. A spiraling funnel, a mix of straight and curved rails, and 10 accelerators challenge Quadrilla builders in new directions and dimensions.