Acorn Soup: The Tasty Counting Game

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Making Acorn Soup is easy as 1-2-3! The round box bottom doubles as a bowl, which contains wooden ingredients and a sturdy wooden spoon for mixing and stirring. Simple recipe cards teach toddlers to identify the ingredients and count as they cook. Mix, stir, eat and play together! Counting, pretend play, sorting, fine-motor skills are benefits of this fun, interactive...

Alphabet Island A Letter & Sounds Game

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Join the island adventure where players race to match upper and lowercase letters. Watch out for the hungry shark, or you'll lose a letter! Keep your eyes peeled for the helpful crab and tricky starfish. Collect the most letters, and win! For an added challenge, flip the lowercase letter discs over to reveal picture words, and match beginning sounds to...


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Alpha Catch™ Fast-action phonics fun! Alpha Catch is the fast-paced, physical way to practice letter names and sounds. Kids take turns tossing self-stick balls, catching them with the sticky catcher’s mitts, and playing fun phonics games with the letters on each ball. It’s a phonemic awareness home run! • Includes 4 catcher’s mitts, 26 soft, self-stick alphabet balls featuring upper-...


Balance Game

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Classic board games loved by adults and children, characterised by few simple rules. Draughts, Tic Tac Toe, Snakes and Ladders, Domino and many others: eight beautiful games decorated and coloured in Sevi’s style, contained in practical small-sized boxes to be carried around at all times to play with your friends and relatives!  


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BBQ Blitz!® It’s a burger-building bonanza! Grab your spatula and dig into this silly, burger-slidin’ game! • Includes barbecue game board, 16 burgers with 4 different toppings, 12 buns, 4 paper plates, and 4 spatulas • For 2 to 4 players How to Play 1. Choose a plate and note your topping. 2. Use your spatula to flip the burgers...


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The Big Idea Best-selling Blurt!® gets a make-over: brand-new box and game board, and even better party-ready game play! What word means “a partially dried grape?” Be the first to say “raisin” and you’re on your way to winning this riotous game of rapid word recall. Sounds simple, but as the race for the right word heats up and the...

Bunny Bedtime: The Make-a-choice Game

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It's time for bed, Bunny! Players roll a chunky die and move Bunny on the game path. Along the way, players help Bunny make choices about her bedtime routine. Which bath toy will she play with? Which pajamas will she wear? A wonderful first board game for kids that's not just for bedtime created specifically for you and your two...

Chime with Rhyme

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Chime with RhymeEntice young children with rhyme and rhythm - key skills in learning to read. Shell, bell, well, pell, and on and on...Youngsters delight in their own sounds as they create amusing rhymes and learn to recognize word patterns. Kids love the excitement and challenge of racing to connect three rhyming puzzle pieces and shouting, "Rhyme Time"! Play Rhyming...

Chip-O! EG

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Chip-O!® board game engages kids with fun, strategic play. Builds reading, rhyming, and word recognition skills. Players learn 48 different words and how to strategize in a game format. Colorful game board features photos for real-life learning. 2 to 4 players. Play 3 ways. Durable 17'' x 22'' game board. 96 Word Cards, 4 Switch Cards, and 4 Wild Cards....

Chugga Choo! The Colorful Puzzle Game

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All aboard! Chugga Choo is a color-learning game and puzzle that’s perfect for the littlest engineers. Players match boxcars by color and choose wooden cargo tiles to fit in the empty boxcars. Each train is completed by adding a little caboose. Learn color-matching, spatial recognition, puzzle problem-solving and fine-motor skills. INCLUDES: 4 engine puzzle cards, 12 boxcar puzzle cards, 12 caboose...

Color Cubed Strategy Game

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Color-matching fun for everyone! Place any card to start.. How many colors can you match with your next play? Match the most colors, and win! This addictive, make-you-think strategy game builds matching, critical thinking, and addition skills. Includes 40 cards and Activity Guide. Cards measure 3" H; box measures 4 1/2" x 4 1/2". For 2-6 players.The Learning Resources Color...

Cooking up Sentences Parts of Speech Game

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Cooking Up Sentences Parts of Speech Game. Recipes call for students to categorize different parts of speech and build sentences. Add a silly word of your choice when you draw a Free Ingredient Card. Includes 150 self-checking Parts of Speech Cards, double-sided recipe cards, pawns, spinner, and game board measuring 19" x 19" Kids learn to love grammar as they...

Copy Cats EG

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Friendly felines make it fun to learn six colors! Copy Cats offers three different and easy-to-learn games for hours of active play. Young learners practice matching, sorting, and memory skills, too. For solo or group play. Aligns with learning standards. Ages 3 & up. 1 to 4 players. 48 playing cards. Game play instructions.  

Count Your Chickens! Cooperative Board Game

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Award Winner A spin-and-move counting game perfect for first time game players. Kids often feel anxiety playing competitive games. With cooperative games, the stress of losing or not being good enough goes away because players are playing as a team against a common obstacle and not against each other. Count Your Chickens!™ eliminates stress, empowers a young learner, and teaches...

Crazy Cereal

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The Big Idea: It’s a showdown in a bowl! Grab a spoon and watch as it magically changes color. Then, dig into the cereal-serving bowl and scoop up pieces of that color. Cross your fingers for a color flash free-for-all and collect two pieces at a time. During this all-play game, quickly collect the most cereal pieces to win! Shh…They’re...