Great Outdoors Playhouse

$829.00 SGD

This Step2 Playhouse provides kids with hours of imaginative backyard play fun! This playhouse includes a mail slot, paddle wheel, working water pump, bucket and planting station with a flower pot that can be used to grow real flowers. The open design allows parents to keep an eye on children as they play. Little ones can gather around the toy...

Princess Castle Playhouse

$519.00 SGD

Princess castle themed playhouse has lots of detail for hours of fun. Made in USA. •  Includes, cobblestone sides, columns, roof towers, a village flag and the inside features a built in floor, seat and vanity area (with two seats) •  Working drawbridge door adds to the fun and look of this adorable castle •  Playhouse folds down for easy...

Step2 Dash & Go Coaster™

$259.00 SGD

Get ready to dart and dash downhill to the finish line with this kids Roller Coaster by Step2. Little coaster fans will be able to safely ride around with the raised seat-back, footrests and large-grip handles. Watch as children walk the stylized car up the coaster ramp into the recessed wheel wells. Once the coaster car is in place the...

Tin Kaleidoscope

$13.90 SGD

This retro vintage style tin kaleidoscope with a geometric design is great fun for children of all ages! Simply twist the end to reveal colourful changing patterns inside! Features 15cm 2 Colours available

Step2 Classic Jet Scoot

$109.00 SGD

First plane ride for the little one. Made in Korea Sturdy little first rider with 2 front wheels and a wide rear wheel for added stability Easy to grip handles for added security Comfortable molded seat with back support Comes fully assembly Recommended Age: 18 months to 36 months Length Width Height 65 50 40

Castle Top Mountain Climber

$899.00 SGD

This Step2 Climber allows your little explorers to go on an alpine adventure! This unique outdoor climber will help your kiddos improve their balance and coordination as they climb to the top and glide down the slide. Youngsters can make believe they’re the king or queen of the castle when they reach the top of the platform. When it’s time...


$395.00 SGD

This Slide will provide your little ones with hours of active play fun. The neutral colors of this kids slide blend well with natural landscapes. This slide will help develop gross motor skills as kids climb up the ladder to get to the slide and preschoolers will begin to understand sharing as they take turns sliding down the slide. Children...

Play & Fold Jr. Slide

$199.00 SGD

This Step2 Slide is the perfect size kids slide for little ones! Fine and gross motor skills will be put into action as youngsters grip the rails and climb the ladder to the slide. Children will learn about sharing as they take turns sliding down the slide one at a time. Outdoor play is so much fun with the Play...


$189.00 SGD

This teeter totter from Step2 is a classic outdoor play toy with a modern and fresh look. The bright colors of this backyard play set will excite little ones and parents alike. It helps build social skills as little ones take turns and work together to rock up and down. A durable teeter totter is essential for childhood adventures! Made...


$105.00 SGD

Set your child into high gear with the exciting miniature racer-like Step2 Motorcycle! Little ones will develop their lower body strength as they accelerate the riding toy with their legs and feet. This little bike is perfect for active toddlers and is sure to be the sleekest ride on the block. Made in USA of US and imported parts. Authentic...


$415.00 SGD

This Step2 Play Kitchen is a kid's kitchen set that is designed to match today’s décor trends. It features a compact design that will look great in your little chef’s bedroom or playroom and includes plenty of accessories for multiple youngsters to play with. Toddlers and preschoolers will love the fun electronic sounds that resemble the noises of real appliances...


Super Soft Slinger 12-Inch Foam Flying Disc

$16.90 SGD $9.90 SGD

With its super-comfortable rim, the SUPER SOFTSLINGER™ is SO much more fun than traditional, hard-edged discs. No more banged-up fingers, bruised arms, or traumatized pets! This a smaller 12-inch diameter version for younger kids, this flying disc is more user-friendly and more fun! Gentle, springy foam edge never causes pain, making it more attractive for younger children to learn and perfect...


$37.90 SGD

Perplexus Rookie introduces you to the world of Perplexus and a whole new realm of perplexity! Perplexus Rookie will hon your skills and sharpen your senses as you learn to bend, twist and turn your way around the gravity defying barriers. Once you try it, you won’t want to put it down! Ages 6-106



$129.90 SGD $79.90 SGD

The VTech Grow and Go Ride-on is a fun 3-in-1 ride-on, designed to let your little one enjoy hours of fun. The legs of the Grow and Go Ride-on can be unscrewed flipped over to see it change from rocker to ride-on securely and easily. An electronic driver panel detaches for sit-down fun and is packed with realistic features such...



$159.90 SGD $109.90 SGD

This fantastic 4-in-1 grow with me Alphabet Train is perfect for hours of play for your little one! Whether they want to play on the floor, use it as a walker, pull it along like a wagon or ride on it, your toddler will be sure to enjoy this interactive train.   13 letter blocks are included that can be...