Hape Geometric Rattle BB

$14.90 SGD $10.00 SGD

The softly-coloured Geometric Rattle is expertly designed to fit snuggly into little hands, and will aid your childs hand-eye coordination skills when shaken and played with. Made from rice-based materials.Features Category: Infant Toys Pieces: 3 UPC: 694347802129 Package size: L: 16.002, W: 5.9944, H: 18.0086 cm Safety & Quality Control Sharp Point Test Bite Force Test Tensile Test Small Parts...


Hape Deluxe Grand Piano- White

$269.90 SGD $199.00 SGD

The Deluxe Grand Piano is a real 30 key electronic piano that will enable your child to explore the wonder of music and create their own mini-symphonies.Features Category: Preschool Music Pieces: 3 Product size: L: 59.9948, W: 20.4978, H: 56.9976 cm Product weight: 4.17 kg Package size: L: 50.0126, W: 51.9938, H: 59.9948 cm Package weight: 3.50 kg Age: 3Y+...


Hape Bumblebee Pram Chain

$24.90 SGD $17.00 SGD

Keep baby amused and stimulated with this cheerful bumblebee pram chain designed to be hung over cribs and strollers. Features a brightly colored sunflower, a bee, flowers and a leaf that all encourage baby to stretch out their arms.Features Category: Infant Toys Pieces: 1 UPC: 6943478025035 Product size: L: 43.0022, W: 14.5034, H: 3.5052 cm Package size: L: 21.9964, W:...

Brio Take Along Labyrinth

$59.90 SGD

Generations of children have grown up battling the BRIO Labyrinth. We felt it was time to grow this family with a new member - a game toy offering a gentler start. The Take Along Labyrinth is turnable and completely sealed. No more lost marbles, just an excellent BRIO toy.Product Specification Width (mm): 230 Depth (mm): 175 Height (mm): 40 Pack...

Brio Village Family Pack

$19.90 SGD

Say hello to the new set of family figures in BRIO Village who is ready for some action. The toy figures like to visit their friends in the BRIO world and have fun with each other.Product Specification Pack width (mm): 145 Pack height (mm): 100 Pack depth (mm): 50 Pieces: 3 Battery needed: no CE: yes Gruner Punkt: yes

Brio Village Camper Trailer

$35.90 SGD

Connect the camper, open the roof lid, jump in the trailer and let the holiday adventure begin. This village camper trailer has superpower and can drive on railway tracks and pull a train wagon. What is your destination in BRIO world with this camper toy?Product Specification Width (mm): 198 Depth (mm): 36 Height (mm): 50 Pack width (mm): 260 Pack...

Brio Village Playground

$45.90 SGD

Visit the village playground in your BRIO world, climb onto the swing and swing as fast as you dare! Or do you prefer the seesaw? You and your friend aren't afraid, that's for sure. A fun playground toy including swing, seesaw and two figures.Product Specification Width (mm): 115 Depth (mm): 122 Height (mm): 139 Pack width (mm): 195 Pack height...

Brio Village Market stand

$35.90 SGD

Sell your vegetables from the village at your market stand! Display your carrots and tomatoes neatly and sell fresh fruits and vegetables to your friends from the BRIO world. A toy market stand that always has fresh vegetables!Product Specification Width (mm): 115 Depth (mm): 115 Height (mm): 155 Pack width (mm): 195 Pack height (mm): 145 Pack depth (mm): 120...

Brio Village Singing stage

$59.90 SGD

Be a star for a day at your village singing stage. Place the microphone on the floor and the music starts along with blinking lights - let the show begin in the BRIO world!Product Specification Width (mm): 115 Depth (mm): 115 Height (mm): 155 Pack width (mm): 260 Pack height (mm): 194 Pack depth (mm): 120 Pieces: 6 Battery needed:...

Brio Village Ice Cream Shop

$49.90 SGD

Have you ever dreamed of your own ice cream shop in the village? Eat as much as you like, all the flavours are your favourite ones. Who wants to buy one? Please line up, we got ice cream for every one in BRIO world!Product Specification Width (mm): 223 Depth (mm): 115 Height (mm): 155 Pack width (mm): 260 Pack height...

Brio Village School Playset

$55.90 SGD

With BRIO village school playset you can learn more about the alphabet, play hide and seek or slide down the slide. At this toy school there is always lots of fun. Come and play with your friends, outside or indoors. Just a ordinary day in the BRIO world.Product Specification Width (mm): 223 Depth (mm): 115 Height (mm): 155 Pack width...

Brio Smart Railway Workshop

$59.90 SGD

Oh no, the train has broken down! The new Smart Tech Workshop will save the day. When passing a Broken Engine Action Tunnel, the Smart Tech Engine from BRIO starts to sound and act broken, rolls to the workshop and stops above the repairman's pit. Time to do your train magic! BRIO Smart Tech toys are preferably used with BRIO...

Brio Tanker Truck with Wagon

$29.90 SGD

Service and maintenance is a crucial part of keeping any airport up and running. The BRIO Tanker Truck with Wagon makes sure every airplane is refuelled between landing and take-off. The bright yellow BRIO truck has a wooden tank load and a wagon with gas hose and ladder. This beautiful toy truck can be used in all BRIO World play...

Brio Cargo Engine with Driver

$29.90 SGD

This is one little engine that offers room for extra fun. With the Cargo Engine with Driver, you can pop the roof open and the figure fits right into the driver's seat. Aaall aboard!Product Specification Width (mm): 86 Depth (mm): 37 Height (mm): 50 Pack width (mm): 153 Pack height (mm): 133 Pack depth (mm): 40 Pieces: 2 Battery needed:...

Brio Airport Baggage Cart

$29.90 SGD

With its unmistakable look, you can't help but notice the baggage cart driving around the airport, moving luggage from the check-in point to the aircraft. The BRIO Airport Baggage Cart includes a worker, a 4-wheel ATV (all-terrain vehicle) and two wagons, each carrying one bag with perfect fit. An ideal complement to other BRIO airport toys.Product Specification Width (mm): 202...