B.Toys H2-Whoa Doodling Board

$79.90 SGD

B.Creative! The wonder of water meets the wonder of you. A fun twist on the travel doodle classic. This drawing board uses water from refillable pens, creating fun and clear lines for your shapes, designs, and sketches that slowly fade as the water dries. Fill the pens with water & draw on the patented fabric board Picture slowly fades as it...


Smart Alley 4 pcs Non-toxic Wax Crayon

$1.00 SGD $0.50 SGD

This set of 4 crayons will definitely add colours to your child's imaginations. Great for early learner's scribbling and colouring fun. The perfect party gift for your little one. Great as stocking stuffers too! Crayon Dimensions: 8×88mm

Kiddy 12 pcs Jumbo Non-toxic Wax Crayon

$2.50 SGD

This set of 12 Jumbo crayons will definitely add colours to your child's imaginations. Great for early learner's scribbling and colouring fun. The perfect party gift for your little one. Great as stocking stuffers too!   Package Dimensions: 13.5 × 10.2 × 1.2cm Crayon Dimensions: 11×100mm

Counting Dino-Sorters Math Activity Set

$61.90 SGD

It's a fun way for children to learn about counting and colors while they play hide-and-seek! These little dinos tuck away inside the eggs for surprise counting fun. Each numbered and colored egg holds a corresponding number of dinos inside, so children learn about number correspondence too! Eggs measure 3"H. Includes 10 two-piece dinosaur eggs and 55 dinosaur counters. Age...

PowerClix® Organics Starter Set - 6 pc. set

$16.95 SGD

This PowerClix Starter Set includes six pieces of each PowerClix® Organics. Each Starter Set also comes with a fun poster encouraging kids to build their world with PowerClix. The 2 1/2” cube boxes are an easy introduction to the entire PowerClix® magnetic construction toy system. Material: Translucent ABS plastic with neodymium magnets Educational Focus: Fine motor skills and spatial thinking...

Guidecraft Count and Lace Fruit

$65.90 SGD

Suggested Age: 3+   This Count and Lace Fruit set encourages children to lace the caterpillar threading needle through 6 colorful fruits to create many patterns. 10 activity cards act as creativity guides to encourage various counting and sequencing challenges. Set includes 24 lacing pieces of fruit and 2 long laces with a wooden caterpillar on one end and a...

Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

$122.90 SGD

The race is on to build hands-on coding skills! Build your maze, and then use the coding cards to create a step-by-step path for Colby, the Programmable Robot Mouse. Program the sequence of steps, and then watch Colby race to find the cheese! This deluxe set includes 30 double-sided coding cards, 10 double-sided activity cards, cheese wedge, and Activity Guide...

Code & Go Programmable Robot Mouse

$61.90 SGD

Jack, the fully programmable robot mouse, is ready to follow commands to teach hands-on coding concepts! Create a step-by-step path for Jack using the 30 double-sided coding cards to provide the perfect introduction to coding concepts. Jack lights up, makes sounds, and features 2 speeds and colorful buttons to match coding cards for easy programming and sequencing. Set includes Activity...

Guidecraft PowerClix® Construction Vehicle Set

$119.90 SGD

The award-winning PowerClix® magnetic building toy system hits the road with its next-generation Construction Vehicles set. Build a sturdy front loader, dump truck, bulldozer or endless open-ended vehicle combinations using the simple click-on pieces. Fully articulating wheels and axels and magnetic parts make building and altering each vehicle a snap. Works seamlessly with all other sets in the PowerClix building...

IO Blocks® Minis - 250 pc. set

$59.90 SGD

Quarter-size Mini version of the award-winning IO Blocks® open-ended building toy, whose 12 unique shapes are inspired by the digital world’s 8-bit pixelated design. If you can think it, you can create it with the secure, friction-fit interlocking system unique to IO Blocks®. Use the enclosed tracker pad and free IO Blocks® App for your smartphone and tablet for extra...

Counting Chips in box - 80 pcs

$9.90 SGD

Plastic manipulative counting chips add a hands-on component to learning. 80 multi-colored 1" diameter circular chips. 20 each of four different colors. Features a small edge for easy staking. Storage box provides easy stowage Teaches counting, sorting and matching skills

Learning Essentials STEM Sink or Float Activity Set

$61.90 SGD

Set sail with real STEM learning! Young learners can dive into early physics in a fun, colorful way with this two-piece submarine and floating raft along with weights, balls, and stars to bring investigations to life. This set also features 10 detailed Activity Cards (with over 20 engaging, high-impact activities) that cover all aspects of STEM, plus key science concepts...


Multifunction Castle

$119.90 SGD $59.95 SGD

In compliance with the strictest safety regulations, non-toxic paints and saliva resistant Designed especially to develop sensory and psychomotor abilities, manual coordination with fine materials and precious details Supports the development of creative intelligence and logical and temporal awareness Designed in Italy Products developed by the oldest wooden toy manufacturer in Europe: over 100 years of history that help us...

Balloon Helicopter

$1.90 SGD

Balloon Helicopter is quick and easy to assemble. lnflate the balloon and attach the helicopter hub, let go and watch it fly. See how high it goes!

Guidecraft Jr. Rainbow Block 20 Piece Set

$59.90 SGD

An adventure in color and light! One-third smaller than unit block size, Jr. Rainbow Blocks are a new challenge in creating structures and extending traditional block play. Smooth hardwood frames with inset, colorful, transparent acrylic windows are also ideal for color exploration and light table activities. Solid wood frames with inset colored acrylic windows Set includes 20 assorted shapes Durable...