Super Soft Slinger 12-Inch Foam Flying Disc

$16.90 SGD $9.90 SGD

With its super-comfortable rim, the SUPER SOFTSLINGER™ is SO much more fun than traditional, hard-edged discs. No more banged-up fingers, bruised arms, or traumatized pets! This a smaller 12-inch diameter version for younger kids, this flying disc is more user-friendly and more fun! Gentle, springy foam edge never causes pain, making it more attractive for younger children to learn and perfect...


Gator Tote

$21.90 SGD $6.90 SGD

Tough as an alligator’s hide yet soft as a butterfly’s wings, our colorful GATOR TOTE™ bags are made from the same sort of tough, pliable, stylish EVA polymer that made Crocs® footwear so popular. Just as Crocs® are comfortable to wear and incredibly durable, our GATOR TOTE is a pleasure to carry and use. It weighs next to nothing, withstands...


GeoFlux™ - Amazing Mesmerizing Interactive Spring Toy

$35.90 SGD $14.90 SGD

GEOFLUX™ magically transforms from what looks like a series of rings into a wondrous 3-D sculpture that resembles a giant atom or an extra planetary orchid! What’s more, when you insert your hand through the coils GeoFlux begins to spiral up and down your arms, spinning so fast it’s a blur of motion. GeoFlux can then “bridge” over to your...