Hape Race Car Transporter

$29.90 SGD

Its race day and time to get your cars to the track! Use the ramp to load cars onto the transporterand then drive it to the race track.Features: Pieces : 6 UPC : 6943478025417 Product size : L: 11, W: 19.7, H: 1.5 inch Package size : L: 10.2, W: 2, H: 5.9 inch Safety & Quality Control Sharp Point...

Siku UPS Logistics Set

$34.90 SGD

The brown UPS delivery vans have formed part of the street scene for decades. The rushing delivery men jump out of their vehicles and hurry with the package to the customer. But how does the package reach the delivery man? With the UPS logistics set, the complex logistics of package delivery become easy to understand, and are an exciting play...

Siku Sportscar Set

$29.90 SGD

Who has the fastest car in the garage? The super sports cars are always ready for a spontaneous race. The line up: Bugatti Veyron, Mercedes McLaren SLR and Dodge Viper. These super sports cars have long been the automotive legends of the 21st century and have more than 2,000 hp behind their wheels. Naturally, a lot of rubber remains on...

Siku Convertible Set

$29.90 SGD

The first rays of sunshine in the sky: Passionate convertible drivers can barely wait for the beautiful moment. Of course, this is even more beautiful when there are three to choose from. Mercedes SLK, Audi R8 Spyder, and BMW 645i. Three vehicles of different character. The Mercedes is the sporting roadster. The green paintwork and the two stripes underline its...

Siku Sportscars & Motorbike

$29.90 SGD

Open the garage doors. Lovers of fast cars and motorbikes will adore this sight. Porsche 918 Spyder, Ducati 1299 Panigale, and a Bugatti Chiron are lined up and ready to go. So where are we driving to today? This dream of many boys young and old can be realised in the sports car and motorbike gift set for mere pocket...

Siku Gift Set

$24.90 SGD

Gift set with 2 tractor models and 3 trailers. The set includes a Claas and Fendt trailer and is complemented with a tipper trailer, baler and hay loader. Presented in an attractive gift box.Product Dimension296mm (W) x 110mm(D) x 48mm(H)

Siku Parking Area and Straight Sections

$29.90 SGD

Extension set compatible with SIKUWORLD City with 3 straights and 1 car park. Two straight elements with a neutral design, plus another element with bus stop zone. The car park with different size parking bays is also suitable for larger vehicles. This set is also supplied with sticker booklet featuring orientation arrows and speed limits.Product Dimension540mm (W) x 540mm(D) x...


Siku Heliport

$34.90 SGD $23.00 SGD

Is there anyone who wouldn't like to use the Heli-Taxi to avoid all the city traffic jams? This is now possible in the SIKUWORLD. The new heliport provides optimum landing opportunities, day or night, for 1:87 and 1:50 scale helicopters. For flights late in the evening, the landing platform is printed with a luminescent colour which illuminates for a few...


Siku Car Park

$89.90 SGD $59.00 SGD

The SIKUWORLD is growing upwards. The multi-storey car park which projects three floors above the SIKUWORLD provides a brightly coloured emphasis to the SIKU playroom, which children will love. It can easily be integrated into the SIKUWORLD, and can also be played with as a free-standing multi-storey car park. The orange Porsche convertible included in the set glides upwards in...

Siku Jeep Wrangler S4870

$24.90 SGD

The jeep is like its big brother and fitted with axle steering device. The axles are fitted with springs. Doors and engine bonnet can be opened. The model can be steered via the steering wheel and is almost entirely made of metal.Product Dimension130mm (W) x 61mm(D) x 58mm(H)


Siku Heavy Mobile Crane

$299.90 SGD $199.00 SGD

Product Dimension700mm (W) x 251mm(D) x 1030mm(H)


Siku Truck with Wind Turbine

$99.90 SGD $79.00 SGD

The new SIKU wind turbine is on its way to the playroom. The Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor steadily pulls the large semi-trailer with components for the wind turbine towards its destination. The equipment consists of two mast elements, a machine house with movable rotor head, three rotor blades, and a pedestal. It is simple and quick to set up the wind...


Siku Car Transporter

$59.90 SGD $39.00 SGD

Car transporter with two-axle Mercedes Actros tower and two-axle multi-function trailer. This model is almost entirely produced in die-cast metal and can transport up to eight SIKU private cars! The option to fully lower the rear section of the top platform means trucks and tractors from the SUPER50 and FARMER50 series can also be transported.Product Dimension404mm (W) x 59mm(D) x...

Siku Mercedes-Benz Travego Coach

$49.90 SGD

En route to holiday sun by coach. The new Travego from Mercedes-Benz brings passengers and luggage safely and comfortably to sunny beaches. It is easy to get in and out of the bus through the doors which can be opened elegantly. Luggage is stored in the case compartment which is accessible on the right and left via large opening doors....

Siku Articulated Bus

$39.90 SGD

Very detailed articulated bus model to original design of MAN Lions City to 1:50 scale. Wheels with rubber track. 3 axles, second and third axle with twin tyres. Right-hand doors open. Engine hood opens at rear. Tinted windows. Separate rear mirror and integrated radiator grill. Plastic front and rear lights. Roof canopy with air-conditioning.Product Dimension365mm (W) x 59mm(D) x 60mm(H)...