Brio Builder Record & Play Set

$59.90 SGD $47.92 SGD

The BRIO 34592 Builder Record & Play Set lets your child’s building toy creations come to life with the addition of recorded speech and sounds. Expand your creativity: Now you can expand your BRIO Builder system to a new level of creativity and open-ended play. With this 67-piece Record & Play Set, you can build almost anything you like, so let...


Brio Builder Motor Set

$89.90 SGD $71.92 SGD

Bring your BRIO Builder creations to life with the BRIO 34591 Builder Motor Set - the perfect building toy to challenge the imagination of budding engineers. Expand young engineers’ imaginations: The BRIO Builder Motor Set lets you expand your BRIO Builder system to a new level of open-ended play with the addition of a real battery-powered motor that brings movement to...


Brio Smart Tech Farm

$69.90 SGD $55.92 SGD

It’s a big day out on the farm! While it has many things in common with other BRIO farms, this is distinctly different. Helped by Smart Tech and easy-to-understand functions, a passing train lets the farm animals come to life. With sounds and actions creating a whole new experience, the countryside is more exciting than ever. BRIO Smart Tech toys...


Brio Smart Tech Lift and Load Crane

$49.90 SGD $39.92 SGD

Get ready to swing into action with the 33827 Smart Tech Lift & Load Crane. Make light work of heavy loads and have fun learning to master transferring cargo with this toy crane. Smart Tech adds to the excitement; the tunnel and crane communicate with the Smart Tech Engine, animating the play with movement, lights and sound. This toy crane...


Brio Railway World Deluxe Set

$599.90 SGD $479.92 SGD

The ultimate BRIO World railway set, this 106-piece 33766 Railway World Deluxe Set features everything you could ever want in a wooden toy train set. Made from a collection of the greatest-hits from the BRIO World railway system, here you’ll find all the favourites from our wooden toy world from the Farm to the Airport. This huge set is stored...


Brio Lumber Truck

$24.90 SGD $19.92 SGD

The 33657 Lumber Truck is ready to transport some serious loads across the BRIO World.Red and ready for the road: This long, red semi-truck and detachable trailer features a hidden engine that can be found when the semi-truck cabin is tilted forward. You can add additional BRIO World wagons to this truck via the magnet on the rear of the...


Brio Streamline Train

$39.90 SGD $31.92 SGD

The 33557 Streamline Train is a stunning addition to any BRIO World railway.Designed for speed: With a retro-futuristic design inspired by streamline trains from around the world, this train is aerodynamically optimised to reduce air resistance and hit greater speeds.14 wheels of train: Comprised of a long front engine and two trailing wooden wagons, this train is one of the longest in...


Brio Turntable & Figure

$44.90 SGD $35.92 SGD

With its seven different track connection points, the 33476 Turntable & Figure truly is a central piece to any BRIO World railway.Space for the largest engines: There’s enough space on the turntable to fit any engine from the BRIO World – simply twist the red knob on the turntable and watch the large central unit rotate until it clicks into one...


Brio Tank Wagon

$22.90 SGD $18.32 SGD

This shiny 33472 Tank Wagon is ready to transport all types of goods around your BRIO World. It’s beautifully constructed with a double-bogie wooden chassis, realistic graphics with high gloss metallic paintwork and eight train wheels.Get connected in BRIO World: The Tank Wagon comes with strong magnetic connectors at either end, so you can couple it up to any BRIO World...


Brio Loader

$19.90 SGD $15.92 SGD

This 33436 Loader construction vehicle toy will lift the heaviest wooden loads in your BRIO World railway system.Lift & Load with ease: The loader is built for the toughest jobs. It’s striking yellow colour and construction graphics are complemented by a simple lift & load handgrip lever - fun to operate as you pick up and carry the wooden load. Once...


Brio Mini Straight Track Pack

$24.90 SGD $19.92 SGD

Has it ever happened? Of course it has. You discover you cannot complete your wooden track layout, something is missing and you need some extra pieces to get it right. Here they are, these small wooden tracks will help you to get it the way you want at any time. SpecificationsPack width (mm) 100Pack height (mm) 60Pack depth (mm) 60Pieces...


Brio Mechanical Switches

$34.90 SGD $27.92 SGD

Switch it up! Reversible mechanical switches for railway for making right or left turns, perfect for battery operated BRIO locomotives. SpecificationsWidth (mm) 160Depth (mm) 200Height (mm) 12Pack width (mm) 194Pack height (mm) 95Pack depth (mm) 30Pieces 2Battery needed noCE yesFSC yesGrüner Punkt yes


Brio Stacking Tracks Supports

$25.90 SGD $20.72 SGD

Take the game up a notch with these BRIO stacking bridge piers for railway, that help you build bridges, tunnels or a cool, multi-storey railway. Stacking the bridge piers on top of each other will help you bild a cool BRIO railway high up in the air! SpecificationsWidth (mm) 82Depth (mm) 74Height (mm) 148Pack width (mm) 250Pack height (mm) 110Pack...


Guidecraft Wood Stackers – Standing Stones

Out of stock

Invite children to build thoughtfully and organically with Wood Stackers Standing Stones. Inspired by prehistoric building blocks, these geometric, wooden stones foster a child’s curiosity for creating ancient structures using organic, natural materials. Each wooden block is sanded incredibly smooth to highlight the beautiful, natural grain and tones of the wood pieces. Different sizes help children understand weight, gravity and...


KidKraft Tabletop Easel - Natural with Primary

$79.90 SGD $63.92 SGD

Turn any table into an art studio with the KidKraft Tabletop easel. One side features a chalkboard and the other side has a dry-erase surface. A standard-size roll of art paper fastens to the top and unrolls to provide a stable paper surface. This sturdy easel makes a great gift for any artistic child. Dimensions: 23.6" x 17.75" x 17.5" Materials:...