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Dimorphodon The Dimorphodon was a small flying dinosaur with a large skull and a long beak. It hunted fish, insects, lizards and other vertebrates, which it held with its claws and then ripped apart with its fangs. With its short wings it could probably only fly short distances, for example from tree to tree. Fun Fact The Dimorphodon had four...


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Dimetrodon The Dimetrodon is often referred to as a dinosaur. However, it is a primeval reptile, a so-called Pelycosaurus. The sail on its back was made of skin and bones, helping it to warm itself quicker in the sun. If it wanted to cool down, it positioned the sail parallel to the sun's rays. Fun Fact The Dimetrodon was an...

Dalmatian Puppy, Sitting

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Dalmatian Puppy, Sitting Fun Fact The hairs in a Dalmatian's coat are barbed, making them stick to almost any type of fabric. Product Dimension 1 x 1.8 x 1.2 inches

DC Comics Cyborg BB

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DC Comics Cyborg BB Product Dimension 8.5 x 9.5 x 16 cm


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Cryolophosaurus The cryolophosaurus from Schleich® Dinosaurs has a forward-facing bony crest on its head. When the cryolophosaurus from Schleich® Dinosaurs opens its movable jaw you can see its dangerous teeth! In the Early Jurassic epoch it was the largest carnivorous dinosaur and is the first dinosaur whose fossils were found in Antarctica. When it roamed the earth this part of...

Clydesdale Foal

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Clydesdale Foal From its namesake in Scotland, the Clydesdale is a breed of draft horses, able to pull loads and often seen today in parades. Used in pulling timber from forests, these horses are currently familiar as mascots of beverage companies. Known for being well-built, Clydesdales generally stand sixteen or seventeen hands high but have been measured at twenty. At...

Catapult BB

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Catapult BB The catapult is the most powerful weapon that the armorer has. It takes some time until he has positioned the catapult exactly, but then he can fire very far and very accurately. Enemies greatly fear the catapult, because its projectiles can tear huge holes in castle walls and cause tremendous damage.   Product Dimension 9 cm x 11...

Cat, Standing

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Cat, Standing Cats are fascinating because of their graceful, lithe movements, their expressive eyes and their picture-perfect fur patterns. Cats have an extraordinary sense of balance. And even if they should fall, they hardly get hurt. It is even said that they always land on their feet. And it is true: If they fall back first, they first turn the...


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Carnotaurus The Carnotaurus was a typical carnivorous dinosaur. It walked on powerful hind legs and had a mouth full of sharp, long teeth. The Carnotaurus is a meat-eating predator from the Late Cretaceous. It lived about 70 million years ago. The only skeleton ever found of it was dug up in Argentina. The Carnotaurus was 9 metres in length and estimated to...

Marvel Captain America BB

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Marvel Captain America BB Detailed model Hand-painted Closed-box diorama character Product Dimension 14 cm x 8.6 cm x 18.28 cm

Camargue Foal

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Camargue Foal The Camargue Foal is brown colour with dark legs, mane and tail. The Camargue horse is from the southern regions of France and is one of the oldest breeds of horses in the world. Fun Fact Camargue horses have large sized hooves; This prevents them from sinking in swampland. Product Dimension 1 x 3.6 x 3 inches (W x D...


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Brachiosaurus Brachiosaurus translated means “arm lizard”. It acquired the name, because its front legs were significantly longer than its hind legs. As such, its long neck pointed automatically upwards and it could eat taller plants with less effort. Fun Fact Brachiosaurus had a very flexible neck that could measure up to nine metres long. Product Dimension 11.4 x 5.7 x...

Marvel Black Widow BB

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Black Widow BB Detailed model Hand-painted Closed-box diorama character Product Dimension 14 x 8.51 x 18.39 cm

Black Angus Bull

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Black Angus Bull Angus cattle are beautiful and strong black cattle with somewhat shorter legs. Usually the animals do not have horns – they have been bred out so that the cattle do not injure each other. This is especially important for the heavy, strong bulls. Black Angus cattle are very undemanding and therefore very popular with farmers. Fun Fact...

African Elephant Calf

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African Elephant Calf African Elephants are the largest land animals existing. Fully grown, a bull can get as big as a house and as large as a truck. Product Dimension 3 cm x 3 cm x 2 cm (W x D x H)