SANDTASTIK Therapy Coarse Play Sand

$65.00 SGD

Get your hands on the World's Safest Play Sand! Sparkling clean, 100% safe silica free and natural sand! Sand, the boundless medium kids love getting their hands on! Sandtastik® Therapy Play Sand provides tactile and sensory stimulation necessary for the development of a child's imagination, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills such as shoulder stability, forearm rotation, wrist control, and...

SmartCut Smart Shapes Mould

$9.90 SGD

The SmartCut Smart Shapes Moulds by Waba Fun is designed for educational play with a variety of modeling compounds. Each set comes with 10 tools for making fun shapes. You can use it with Waba Fun Kinetic Sand, Shape-It Sand, and Bubber. Ages 3+ Includes:  9 Smart Shapes geometric molds 1 Bubber Knife

Oddly Satisfying Neon Slime

$7.90 SGD

ODDLY SATISFYING: Squish, squeeze, knead, and pull, slime is the original fidget toy. The viscosity of slime compounds makes them more relaxing and fun than toy clays and putties. They’re drippy and droopy for slippery sliding fun. You can use it as a toy or even as a satisfying fidgeter or stress reliever. Slime is the best all around compound.BE...

UV-Reactive Putty

$12.90 SGD

The UV-reactive Putty is an amazing moldable putty that changes color when exposed to ultraviolet light.Like any standard putty, you can mold, stretch, twist, sculpt, bounce, and tear UV Putty. But when you introduce the included UV keychain light, you can draw, write, and scribble bright designs directly onto the surface of the putty.Expose the putty to sunlight and watch it...

Mad Mattr - 10oz

$23.90 SGD

The Unbelievable Mad Mattr® building dough has consumers and reviewers alike exclaiming, “Woahhhh…it’s so fluffy and futuristic!!” Kids of all ages love to stretch their imagination muscle with Mad Mattr! This super-soft building compound easily molds and shapes into endless creations, inspiring open-ended play. Mad Mattr molds and sculpts into any shape you like, with a texture that is incredibly...

Mini Castle Moulds

$12.90 SGD

Works best with Bubber/Moon Sand/Kinetic Sand Mini Castle Moulds from WabaFun allow you to create mini detailed castle or any other structure or model out of your favorite sand, dough or molding compound, and make the perfect accessory to our Bubber , Moon Sand and Kinetic Sand.  Use the special push molds to make perfectly smooth round and square towers....

Slime Science™ Mini Lab

$18.90 SGD

Scientific Explorer Slime Science mini lab is your own personal slime laboratory where you can mix together different materials to create 5 different types of slime. What do you think of when you think of slime? You might think of the classic horror movie slime. Imagine how moist and sticky it feels. Once you pick it up it slowly oozes...

WABAfun Laptop Tray

Out of stock

This Laptop Tray allows you to keep the mess out when playing. It is sturdy and easy to clean. Can be used with any other modeling compound!   Product Details: Dimension: 10'' x 10'' Colour: Orange Made in Sweden

SANDTASTIK Sparkling White Play Sand

$55.00 SGD

Get your hands on the World's Safest Play Sand! Sparkling clean, 100% safe silica free and natural sand! 100% safe, non toxic fine play sand that is certified by with ACMI 'AP' Seal. This sand contains no Silica, no Quartz, no wheat and no nuts and is allergy free. It is suitable for use indoor. Watch as your kids dig,...

Book of Wiggles, Squiggles and Curlicues

$30.30 SGD

  WINNER: iPARENTING MEDIA AWARD    Hands-on, interactive board book for ages 3 & up!The Wikki Stix Book of Wiggles, Squiggles and Curlicues is perfect for special needs children. This is a sturdy, inter-active board book with pages that are easy to turn for children with fine motor skill issues. Each page has an adorable illustration, with something be...



$65.90 SGD $52.70 SGD

Smart Shapes is an activity kit that utilizes award winner Bubber and geometric shaped molds to encourage children to be creative. Children can use one of the 15 templates or their own imagination to develop unlimited creations.Smart Shapes open the door to knowledge in a fun and easy way. 

School Stamp Set (Upper Case)

$17.90 SGD

With these stamps, your child can practice spelling and alphabet recognition. When used with any modeling compound, mistakes are easy to correct!

Numbers & Counting Cards

$36.20 SGD

Fun, colourful cards from 1 to 20 for learning number formation plus early education activities including counting, math concepts and simple shapes. 27 individual cards plus 36 Wikki Stix. Sturdy card-stock for repeated use. Can be laminated for use in classroom centers as a teaching tool. Perfect for teachers, parents, grandparents -- anyone who is searching for ways to enhance...

Glow In The Dark

$30.30 SGD

Watch your Wikki Stix glow in the dark with a black light! 12 fun designs to make, plus ideas for lots more. Comes with 72 ready-to-glow Wikki Stix! (Black light not included)   What are Wikki Stix made of? Wikki Stix are made of hand-knitting yarn enhanced with a microcrystalline food-grade, non-toxic wax, the kind used in bubble gum and...

Castle Mould

$18.90 SGD

Create a detailed castle or any other structure or model out of your favorite sand, dough or molding compound with these molds! Build towers, stairs and stone walls with perfect smooth edges!