Educational Insights Playfoam Pluffle

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The Squishologists at the Playfoam Wacky Workshop have formulated a brand-new squish-sation! Playfoam Pluffle is the mesmerizing, mixable, can't resistible, feel-good fluffy stuff that never dries out! Features Perfect for tactile learning Mesmerizing for the eyes and stimulating to the senses Pack of 9 includes nine sparkling colors of Playfoam Pluffle: 2 purple, 2 blue, 2 pink, 1 yellow 1...

Oddly Satisfying Neon Slime

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ODDLY SATISFYING: Squish, squeeze, knead, and pull, slime is the original fidget toy. The viscosity of slime compounds makes them more relaxing and fun than toy clays and putties. They’re drippy and droopy for slippery sliding fun. You can use it as a toy or even as a satisfying fidgeter or stress reliever. Slime is the best all around compound.BE...

UV-Reactive Putty

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The UV-reactive Putty is an amazing moldable putty that changes color when exposed to ultraviolet light.Like any standard putty, you can mold, stretch, twist, sculpt, bounce, and tear UV Putty. But when you introduce the included UV keychain light, you can draw, write, and scribble bright designs directly onto the surface of the putty.Expose the putty to sunlight and watch it...

Slime Science™ Mini Lab

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Scientific Explorer Slime Science mini lab is your own personal slime laboratory where you can mix together different materials to create 5 different types of slime. What do you think of when you think of slime? You might think of the classic horror movie slime. Imagine how moist and sticky it feels. Once you pick it up it slowly oozes...



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Smart Shapes is an activity kit that utilizes award winner Bubber and geometric shaped molds to encourage children to be creative. Children can use one of the 15 templates or their own imagination to develop unlimited creations.Smart Shapes open the door to knowledge in a fun and easy way.