1 to 10 Counting Cans

$92.90 SGD

Colorful, familiar fruits and veggies introduce early math and are great for imaginative play too! Teach counting, number recognition and sorting. Cans are labeled with numeral, word and picture for extra support. Reinforce everyday vocabulary and fine motor skills. Includes:      • 55 plastic fruits and vegetables     • 10 cardboard cans with lids     • Activity guideEach can...

Algebra Tiles™: Student Set

$6.90 SGD

Algebra Tiles Student Set Students deepen understanding of algebra concepts when they build geometric models of polynomials.  

All Ready for First Grade Readiness Kit

$61.90 SGD

Prepare children for first grade with this specially designed kit! Make learning fun while targeting essential first-grade skills including addition & subtraction, 2-D shapes, word building, and writing & journaling. Featuring the popular “Under the Sea” classroom theme, this comprehensive kit includes an assortment of colorful manipulatives and other hands-on tools (the same ones used by teachers), a write-and-wipe Activity...

Alphabet Beanbags

$64.90 SGD

Kinesthetically reinforce early literacy lessons in tossing games with our soft beanbags. Includes 26 beanbags, each with an uppercase letter on one side and lowercase letter on the reverse, for active play that engages children in learning the alphabet Features color-coded consonants (blue) and vowels (red) to help children learn the difference Offers suggestions for hands-on alphabet games in Activity...


$35.90 SGD

AngLegs ™ come in six lengths that easily snap together to motivate students to explore plane geometry on their desktop or the overhead projector. Students will discover what happens as they use the same length legs verses different length legs to build various polygons, as they attach additional legs they study polygon heights, calculate their areas, find center points and...

Around the Town Vehicle Counters™ Smart Pack

$13.90 SGD

Around the Town Vehicle Counters™ (LER 4471) are available in a handy, smaller set! Perfect for parents, teachers, homeschoolers, tutors, and more. Includes car, truck, airplane, train, bus, and sailboat in 4 different colors. Set of 24 comes in a resealable polybag and includes an Activity Guide. Bag measures 6"W x 9"H.Ages 3+

Beginner's Balance

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Let the Three Bear Family weigh in with this simple see-saw balance! A visually engaging and tactile way to introduce mass and measurement, this set includes 10 bear counters and a multilingual Activity Guide.   Balance arm snaps into place, and sliding compensator clips calibrate for easy use. Measures 15.75" x 4".

Brights!™ Base 10 Starter Set

$73.90 SGD

Teacher-approved base 10 blocks plus dynamic colors equals number models that really pack a punch! Introducing Brights!: teaching tools you know and love, in cutting-edge colors they’ll embrace. Starter Set includes 141 durable plastic pieces to help students extend the counting sequence into the hundreds (and well beyond!), understand place value, add and subtract, demonstrate geometric concepts, and much more!...


$25.90 SGD

Photos of familiar objects make it fun to lace and learn six colors. Children build fine motor skills, and can practice counting on the numbered holes. Set includes 6 lacing cards, 6 stencils, and 6 colorful 36-inch laces with 1-inch safety tips. Makes a great gift!  

Colors Beanbags

$40.90 SGD

Toss a rainbow of beanbags to practice colors in active play. Features beanbags in 10 colors (red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, brown, black, gray, white) for tossing activities Displays a clearly embroidered color word on each bag to teach color vocabulary Supports gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination Includes drawstring storage bag and Activity Guide Felt bean bags measure...

Connecting People®

$22.90 SGD

A versatile, linking manipulative that is perfect for helping young children deal with counting, comparing and sorting. Children will naturally create number stories with them. Sturdy plastic people come in male and female versions—three sizes of each in four colors. The set contains four of each kind. Each piece can stand upright and connects with every other piece. Includes Activity...

Family Counters Smart Pack

$13.90 SGD

All About Me Family Counters™ (LER 3372) are now available in a handy, smaller set! Perfect for parents, teachers, homeschoolers, tutors, and more. Counters include 6 different shapes to represent the people and pets in families. Set of 24 comes in a resealable polybag and includes an Activity Guide. Bag measures 6"W x 9"H. Ages 3+

Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set

$73.90 SGD

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Toy Gold Seal & SNAP Awards (2012) 2013 Learning Magazine’s Teachers’ Choice for the Classroom Award    Farmers Market Color Sorting Set It?s market day! Little gardeners can sort and sell bushels of farm-fresh produce! Great for color recognition and imaginative play. Includes Activity Guide, 25 foods and stickers for labeling 5 baskets that measure 4"H...

Friendly Farm Animal Counters

$36.90 SGD

Great party favours! Comes in a set of 144 or 72 adorable barnyard buddies - Mama and baby animals are made of soft rubber and are packed inside a reusable storage bucket.   - Mama & baby animals measure 1" and 1.75".   Developmental Skills Counting  Language  Matching  Creativity  Early Math  Fine Motor  Pre-literacy  Pretend Play  Measurement  AB Patterning  Memory/Recall ...


$4.90 SGD

Demonstrate time-telling concepts while students follow along in hands-on activities.    Features color-coding that helps students focus on one time-telling skill at a time and makes it easier to differentiate between hours and minutes  Maintains correct hour and minute relationships with hidden mechanism  plastic student clocks measure 4"H each