15" Rainbow Hand Pointer, 1pc

$7.90 SGD

Colorful, hands-on pointers are easy to see against whiteboards and other light backgrounds. Draws student attention and interest Provides positive behavioral intervention Shows up sharply against light-colored surfaces, but works equally as well on pocket charts, word walls and more Features white handles and assorted hand colors: yellow, pink, blue, lime green, orange, purple.

Alphabet Center Pocket Chart

$66.90 SGD

Bright colors, engaging images, and active learning make this pocket chart the fun way to practice letter and sound identification, word building, spelling and more. Includes:      • 156 coated picture cards (picture on one side, word on the reverse)      • 52 uppercase and lowercase letter cards     • 4 blank cards     • Nylon pocket chart ...

Barnyard Buzzers, Set of 4

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Animal Answer Buzzers Why raise your hand when you can moo? Encourage student response with some silliness! Includes cow, rooster, horse and dog. Measure 3½" in diameter. Each requires 2 AAA batteries, not included.LER 3775 Set of 4.  

Beginner's Balance

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Let the Three Bear Family weigh in with this simple see-saw balance! A visually engaging and tactile way to introduce mass and measurement, this set includes 10 bear counters and a multilingual Activity Guide.   Balance arm snaps into place, and sliding compensator clips calibrate for easy use. Measures 15.75" x 4".

Christian Fish Accents

$13.90 SGD

Make religious displays shine! Sparkle accents coordinate with bulletin board sets and provide an inexpensive option for name tags, invitations, and awards. Precut and ready-to-use. 24pack. About 5 12" tall.

Christian Fish NT

$7.90 SGD

A great way for classmates and church members to get to know one another, these name tags feature bright, eye-catching designs that are also ideal as labels for folders, storage boxes, and craft bins. Easy-writing finish for pens or markers. 36 self-adhesive tags. 2 12" x 3

CrossMini Accents

$6.90 SGD

Add a touch of inspiration to any display. Coordinate with Christian bulletin board sets and use as name cards, calendar markers, and mini awards. Precut and ready-to-use. 36pack. About 3" tall.

DoveMini Accents

$6.90 SGD

Add a touch of inspiration to any display. Coordinate with Christian bulletin board sets and use as name cards, calendar markers, and mini awards. Precut and ready-to-use. 36pack. About 3" tall.  

Gator Grabber Tweezers™

$2.50 SGD

Give little fingers a workout! Sized to develop fine motor skills in even smaller hands.  Great for developing the pincer grasp—the key to fine motor skills! 12 Adorable tweezers in 6 colors—red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple Measure 4”L and store in a resealable bucket with handle  

Learning Essentials™ Magnetic Letters, Numbers & Shapes

$30.90 SGD

A fresh, new take on magnetic manipulatives! Visually colorful and graphically cool, this diverse set is a fun way to learn letters, numbers, and shapes. Pieces are thick for added durability. Includes 26 uppercase letters, 11 numbers 0–9 (two number 1s), 18 shapes, and storage box. Largest piece measures 2"H. 

Make a Story Writing Journal

$2.90 SGD

This unique journal lets students create their own stories. Inside covers feature a list of 100 high-frequency words and offer story starters such as characters, settings and situations. Journal has a title page, about-the-author page and pages at the back of the book that ask students questions about their stories' plots, main characters, settings and other key aspects.   Students...

Numbers & Counting Pocket Chart

$66.90 SGD

Sure to engage your students, this chart with fun illustrations makes early math a positive experience. Teach basic number sense, counting, adding, subtracting and equations with 194 cards featuring pictures, digits, operations and number line. Measures 28" x 38.25".

Overhead Folding Geometric Shapes™

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Ages 7+         Model geometric shapes in two-dimensional form with this overhead set. Use to teach visualization and spatial reasoning in measurement, area, volume and surface area concepts. Shapes include cylinder, square, pyramid, cube, rectangular prism, triangular prism, cone, hexagonal prism and triangular pyramid. Aligned with NCTM Standards.

Pan Balance

$54.90 SGD

Teach measurement with this durable plastic balance and weights. Buckets detach for easy clean up and hold up to one liter. Sliding compensator for zero adjustments provides accurate measurements. Set includes five each of five-gram and 10-gram Hexagram® weights.

Positive & Negative Number Line Activity Set

$51.90 SGD

Hang to visually demonstrate number and operations skills, or lay flat for kinesthetic center activities. Use with a wet-erase marker to highlight numbers! Shows numbers -25 to 25 horizontally on one side and vertically on the reverse to prepare students for the orientation of Cartesian coordinates in algebra and geometry Reinforces positive and negative numbers, operations and algebraic equations Includes...