1 to 10 Counting Cans

$92.90 SGD

Colorful, familiar fruits and veggies introduce early math and are great for imaginative play too! Teach counting, number recognition and sorting. Cans are labeled with numeral, word and picture for extra support. Reinforce everyday vocabulary and fine motor skills. Includes:      • 55 plastic fruits and vegetables     • 10 cardboard cans with lids     • Activity guideEach can...

15" Rainbow Hand Pointer, 1pc

$7.90 SGD

Colorful, hands-on pointers are easy to see against whiteboards and other light backgrounds. Draws student attention and interest Provides positive behavioral intervention Shows up sharply against light-colored surfaces, but works equally as well on pocket charts, word walls and more Features white handles and assorted hand colors: yellow, pink, blue, lime green, orange, purple.


3-in-1 SING to LEARN English DVD Bundle

$39.90 SGD $22.90 SGD

This bundle contains: [1] SING to LEARN English DVD (Vol. 1) [2] SING to LEARN English DVD (Vol. 2) [3] SING to LEARN English DVD (Vol. 3).

Addition 0-12 Flash Cards

$7.90 SGD

Flashy by design! Build student confidence and skills using fun-filled flash cards. This pack, complete with activities, teaches addition facts through 12. Watch students enjoy learning and build skills on their own or with their friends… at school, home, or on the go! Durable, no-see-through cards. Quick sorting, rounded corners. Self-checking, answers on card backs. 56 two-sided cards, 3⅛" x...

Air Vehicles Quantum Cards

$29.90 SGD

Learn about air vehicles including airplanes, helicopters and hot air balloons! Check out our fun and comprehensive vehicle flash cards for children featuring a wide range of interesting air vehicles related trivia and information. Read about different types of planes, how helicopters work, what fighter planes are used for, how fast rockets can move and what keeps hot air balloons...

All Ready for First Grade Readiness Kit

$61.90 SGD

Prepare children for first grade with this specially designed kit! Make learning fun while targeting essential first-grade skills including addition & subtraction, 2-D shapes, word building, and writing & journaling. Featuring the popular “Under the Sea” classroom theme, this comprehensive kit includes an assortment of colorful manipulatives and other hands-on tools (the same ones used by teachers), a write-and-wipe Activity...

Alphabet Center Pocket Chart

$66.90 SGD

Bright colors, engaging images, and active learning make this pocket chart the fun way to practice letter and sound identification, word building, spelling and more. Includes:      • 156 coated picture cards (picture on one side, word on the reverse)      • 52 uppercase and lowercase letter cards     • 4 blank cards     • Nylon pocket chart ...

Alphabet Pocket Flash Cards

$7.90 SGD

Teacher-created, child-tested cards are ideal for teaching and reinforcing letters and beginning word sounds at school, at home, or on the go. Handy 3 1/8" x 5 1/4" size. Set includes activity ideas to challenge growing skill levels. Cards feature photos for real-life learning and rounded corners for quick sorting. 56 two-sided cards.X

Amphibians Quantum Cards

$29.90 SGD

The Amphibians set has the following ten encyclopaedic cards: 1. Poison Dart Frog 2. Red Salamander 3. Golden Mantella 4. Fire Salamander 5. Three-toed Amphiuma 6. Tomato Frog 7. Emperor Newt 8. Waxy Monkey Tree Frog 9. Chinese Giant Salamander 10. European Fire-bellied Toad Each card has an illustration or picture on the front and encyclopaedic facts about it on...


$35.90 SGD

AngLegs ™ come in six lengths that easily snap together to motivate students to explore plane geometry on their desktop or the overhead projector. Students will discover what happens as they use the same length legs verses different length legs to build various polygons, as they attach additional legs they study polygon heights, calculate their areas, find center points and...

Animals Pocket Flash Cards

$7.90 SGD

Flashy by design. Build student confidence and skills using fun-filled flash cards. This pack, complete with activities, introduces 50 vertebrate animals. Cards are color-coded by classification: mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians. Watch students enjoy learning and build skills on their own or with friends… at school, home, or on the go! Durable, no-see-through cards with quick-sorting, rounded corners. 56...

Around the Town Vehicle Counters™ Smart Pack

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Around the Town Vehicle Counters™ (LER 4471) are available in a handy, smaller set! Perfect for parents, teachers, homeschoolers, tutors, and more. Includes car, truck, airplane, train, bus, and sailboat in 4 different colors. Set of 24 comes in a resealable polybag and includes an Activity Guide. Bag measures 6"W x 9"H.Ages 3+

Ask and it will be given Posters

$7.90 SGD

Create an inspiring environment and encourage learning and positive character traits. With hundreds of value-priced titles, you can display intriguing, new messages often. Perfect in classrooms, offices, and at home. Quality, heavy-duty construction for years of use. 13 12" x 19".  

Attitude is a little thing QEB

$15.90 SGD

These eye-catching banners feature motivating messages to keep kids inspired for learning success. Spread messages of welcome and inspiration with bright, bold banners. Display in classrooms, hallways, cafeterias, and gymnasiums. Sturdy and durable. 2-piece design can be stacked. 10 feet long.

Barnyard Buzzers, Set of 4

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Animal Answer Buzzers Why raise your hand when you can moo? Encourage student response with some silliness! Includes cow, rooster, horse and dog. Measure 3½" in diameter. Each requires 2 AAA batteries, not included.LER 3775 Set of 4.