iNbox Single Box - I Love my Vegetables

CREATE:My Vegetable Family
Make space on your desk to flaunt this beautiful piece of artistic photo frame that your child will create

PLAY:Little Chef
Fun-filled game, players work together to "cook" a soup by making matches of ingredients.

EXPLORE:Chew & Munch
A cheerful activity that makes healthy eating fun. Kids get rewards for eating a balanced palate of colourful and nutritious vegetables.

READ:Where is my Carrot?
Four friends all set to grow their own vegetables for healthy eating. Venky's carrots go missing. One person holds the key to mystery. Read on

BONUS:My Garden
Let your child grow a beautiful window plant using the enriched soil, seeds, pot provided. See your child's eyes glow with surprise when the seeds they sow starts sprouting!

$12.00 SGD