Tough as an alligator’s hide yet soft as a butterfly’s wings, our colorful GATOR TOTE™ bags are made from the same sort of tough, pliable, stylish EVA polymer that made Crocs® footwear so popular. Just as Crocs® are comfortable to wear and incredibly durable, our GATOR TOTE is a pleasure to carry and use. It weighs next to nothing, withstands almost any kind of punishment and even has two water drain holes in the bottom. Use GATOR TOTE to carry gear to the beach or pool — or to transport food and beverages to picnics, groceries from the market. It’s also wonderful for organizing toys and art supplies at home. It’s the cool new way to tote your stuff! 

Ages 3 & Up
Measures 13” x 12” x 6.5”
$6.90 SGD