Matching Eggs

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Nurture baby's cognitive ability and enhance coordinated development of hand, eye and mind. Learn shapes and colours. Dimensions: 30 x 10 x 7cm Age: 18m+ 

Schleich Dunkleosteus

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DunkleosteusThe Dunkleosteus was an armoured fish with a length of eight to ten metres, which was unusually large for the Devonian period. It was one of the first giants of the underwater world, together with the Titanichthys.The Dunkleosteus lived 130-150 million years before the first dinosaurs. It was a fearless hunter who could snap incredibly fast and ate large sharks,...


Hape Chef's Cooktop

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Hape Kids Gourmet Play Kitchen is a perfect little wooden kitchen that your child will adore. Made from solid eco-friendly wood, it will stand the test of time. With a see through oven door your little chef can even check on how his food is coming along. Sturdy design - made from real wood Perfect for home settings or child-care...


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Suddenly the four Amuyi Warriors appear in the kingdom of the elves. No one believed that these mysterious beings actually existed. Yet, since the appearance of Apricum, Arelan, Gregis und Noctis at the latest, now they know. In the world of the elves, nothing is as it used to be since these beings, half man, half beast, have visited the...



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The Big IdeaChomper makes writing more like an aquatic adventure with his movable mouth and googly eyes! Write a composition with this silly, sea-themed novelty pens or produce your very own puppet show – either way he’ll make you smile. Pens are retractable ballpoints with black ink.They’re Learning! Adds a playful educational component to everyday pen use Inspires “waves” of...

Schleich Large Skull with Velociraptor BB

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Large skull trap with VelociraptorThe voracious Velociraptor is lurking behind a large dinosaur skull. It has caught a small lizard to use as bait for larger prey. When a hungry Compsognathus comes by, it looks like the plan is working - or will the Compsognathus spot the trap at the last second?Fun FactThe Compsognathus was a two-legged carnivore around the...


Schleich Acrocanthosaurus

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AcrocanthosaurusThe Acrocanthosaurus was around the same size and weight as the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Giganotosaurus. Unlike many other dinosaurs, it had seven openings in its skull rather than five. It also had lots of neural spines on its neck, back and tail, which probably formed a small "sail".Fun FactThe openings in the Acrocanthosaurus's huge skull reduced its weight.Product Dimension8.8" (W)...

Schleich Kentrosaurus

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KentrosaurusThe Kentrosaurus was a peaceful herbivore, but it was far from defenceless. The sharp spikes on its neck and back were capable of inflicting serious injuries on predators. But most dangerous of all were the long spikes on its tail. If it had to defend itself, it lashed its tail around like a giant club.Fun FactThe Kentrosaurus had the longest...