iNbox Single Box - Lights and Shadows Activity Kit

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iNbox Single Box - Lights and Shadows EXPLORE: Flash & Find With invisible ink that glows in magical light, write interesting, fun-filled and secret codes and share with friends! CREATE: Shadow Dance Party Flinto "Giant" Shadow Theatre is at your doorstep. Create your own funny animation movies. PLAY: Shadow Side Up Match the characters with their shadows. It's exciting time...


iNbox Single Box - I Love My Vegetables Activity Kit

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iNbox Single Box - I Love my Vegetables CREATE:My Vegetable Family Make space on your desk to flaunt this beautiful piece of artistic photo frame that your child will create PLAY:Little Chef Fun-filled game, players work together to "cook" a soup by making matches of ingredients.EXPLORE:Chew & MunchA cheerful activity that makes healthy eating fun. Kids get rewards for eating...


iNbox Single Box - Ice Age Adventure Activity Kit

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iNbox Single Box - Ice Age Adventure  EXPLORE: ExploreticaGet your hands messed up in some amazing, fun ice expriements. Watch your kids get creative in these gamified experiments. We call it "fun-learning". CREATE: Ice Cube AroraLet your child make beautiful ice painted Aurora postcards. Send love to grandparents, uncles, aunts, neices and newphews and surprice them. PLAY: Snow BowlingWatch your...


Matching Eggs

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Nurture baby's cognitive ability and enhance coordinated development of hand, eye and mind. Learn shapes and colours. Dimensions: 30 x 10 x 7cm Age: 18m+ 

Schleich Dunkleosteus

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DunkleosteusThe Dunkleosteus was an armoured fish with a length of eight to ten metres, which was unusually large for the Devonian period. It was one of the first giants of the underwater world, together with the Titanichthys.The Dunkleosteus lived 130-150 million years before the first dinosaurs. It was a fearless hunter who could snap incredibly fast and ate large sharks,...


Crayola Jumbo Crayons Classpack 200 ct.

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The Crayola Jumbo Crayons 200 Count classpack features 8 different brilliant colors. Jumbo crayons are easy to hold and hard to break! Classpack assortments make it economical and convenient to provide students with all the colors they need.


Jumbo Dinosaur Floor Puzzle T-Rex

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It's a puzzle and a science lesson all in one! Help your little learners develop an early love of science with this gigantic 13-piece puzzle. The big, soft foam pieces are perfect for small hands and safe for home or classroom floors. The big, bright T-Rex is on one side, with his skeleton on the other side, so kids can...


Candy Construction

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Building and constructing have never been so sweet. Kids follow illustrated, step-by-step instructions in the included activity guide to build scrumptious structures or follow their imaginations to build the candy creations of their sugar-plum dreams. As they're building, kids are also developing critical thinking skills, fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and other foundational STEM skills. This set is the perfect...


Smart Alley 4 pcs Non-toxic Wax Crayon

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This set of 4 crayons will definitely add colours to your child's imaginations. Great for early learner's scribbling and colouring fun. The perfect party gift for your little one. Great as stocking stuffers too! Crayon Dimensions: 8×88mm


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Suddenly the four Amuyi Warriors appear in the kingdom of the elves. No one believed that these mysterious beings actually existed. Yet, since the appearance of Apricum, Arelan, Gregis und Noctis at the latest, now they know. In the world of the elves, nothing is as it used to be since these beings, half man, half beast, have visited the...


BambinoLUK Controller Intelligence Insights Set

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BambinoLUK is a play and learn system to reinforce early childhood developmental skills such as visual perception, memory and concentration, critical thinking, beginning math, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, self-esteem, and everyday knowledge. It features an easy to use 6-tile controller with self-checking design and a series of well illustrated workbooks focusing on various developmental skills. These comprehensive and well-designed...

Hape All Season House (Furnished)

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There are as many ways to play with this house as there families in the world. Six rooms, moveable stairs, and a reversible winter/summer-themed, solar-paneled roof inspire year-round activities. Includes four room sets: Master Bedroom, Family Bathroom, Media Room and Kitchen. Product Features A wonderful home for a lovely family Helps promote creativity storytelling Encourages role play and imagination Physical...


Early Childhood Jumbo Magnifier, 1pc

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Observe on a grand scale with our extra-large magnifiers, sized perfectly for small hands.Features Supports life science explorations as children observe plants, animals and insects Features built-in stands for hands-free viewing Plastic lenses measure 4.5" in diameter each and offer 4.5x magnification Each plastic magnifier measures 8" L Ages 4-9

Schleich Large Skull with Velociraptor BB

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Large skull trap with VelociraptorThe voracious Velociraptor is lurking behind a large dinosaur skull. It has caught a small lizard to use as bait for larger prey. When a hungry Compsognathus comes by, it looks like the plan is working - or will the Compsognathus spot the trap at the last second?Fun FactThe Compsognathus was a two-legged carnivore around the...


Schleich Acrocanthosaurus

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AcrocanthosaurusThe Acrocanthosaurus was around the same size and weight as the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Giganotosaurus. Unlike many other dinosaurs, it had seven openings in its skull rather than five. It also had lots of neural spines on its neck, back and tail, which probably formed a small "sail".Fun FactThe openings in the Acrocanthosaurus's huge skull reduced its weight.Product Dimension8.8" (W)...