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Alpha Catch™ Fast-action phonics fun! Alpha Catch is the fast-paced, physical way to practice letter names and sounds. Kids take turns tossing self-stick balls, catching them with the sticky catcher’s mitts, and playing fun phonics games with the letters on each ball. It’s a phonemic awareness home run! • Includes 4 catcher’s mitts, 26 soft, self-stick alphabet balls featuring upper-...

Chime with Rhyme

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Chime with RhymeEntice young children with rhyme and rhythm - key skills in learning to read. Shell, bell, well, pell, and on and on...Youngsters delight in their own sounds as they create amusing rhymes and learn to recognize word patterns. Kids love the excitement and challenge of racing to connect three rhyming puzzle pieces and shouting, "Rhyme Time"! Play Rhyming...


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Grandma’s Trunk™ Alphabet Game Lots of fun is packed into this suitcase classic! With 5 ways to play, kids will practice letter names and sounds, build memory skills, create stories, and even play fun riddle games! • Includes adorable cardboard trunk (which doubles as package), 26 alphabet picture cards, 26 alphabet riddle cards, and guide Pack in the fun with...



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Junior Scrabble lives up to its claim of being an "ideal introduction for children to the world's favourite game". Choose one of 2 levels to suit the age group of the players: young children can start with "Words and Pictures", a game specially created to help with word formation and recognition. "Rainbow Scrabble" is more challenging and is intended for...

Pop for Letters™ Game

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Reach into this fun box to practice alphabet recognition and beginning letter sounds. A great grab-and-go game!  Includes 100 die-cut popcorn cards: uppercase and lowercase letters plus the POP card, which forces players to put all of their popcorn back into the carton Box measures 3"L x 3"W x 6.25"H  For 2-4 players Grades PreK+



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Super Sleuth Vocabulary Game Crack the codes and solve the mysteries! Students take turns answering questions and solving mystery cards to earn badges in each of four categories—synonyms, antonyms, homophones, and multiple-meaning words. Grades 3+/Ages 8+ The nitty-gritty: • Detective-themed vocabulary game • Includes 200 cards in 4 different vocabulary categories, 4 category dividers, 48 die-cut badges, special decoder card,...


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Surfside Scramble™ Word Game Surf’s up! Race to slide and swap your letter flip-flops, lining them up to make as many words as you can. Go big—make the longest word or finish first for extra points; paddle in last and it’s wipe-out city! Grades 3+/Ages 8 to Adult. SMALL PARTS [1]. Not for The nitty-gritty: • 4 Game boards •...